Air Leagues Hall, Jubilee Lane, Parramatta. NSW

Meeting opened at 8.05 pm.

Present: J.Elias, B.Eather, R.Towell, B.Swan, S.Nyul, P.Turner, J. M. McIntyre.

Apologies: J.McIntyre. P.Norrie.,Tim Gee

Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Moved B.Swan and seconded R.Towell that the minutes be accepted as presented. Carried.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes:

Carried forward to general business by consensus.

Correspondence In:

From MAAA:

Receipt for payment of $280.00

Invoices totalling $100.00 and membership cards.(nos. 05276 and 05274)

Team Information- C/L World Championships.

Request for Team Manager for C/L W/C

Council Conference reminder.

Request for advice re delegate and accommodation requirements.

Charges by CASA.

Minutes of November MAAA Executive Tele Meeting.

Minutes of January MAAA Executive Tele Meeting.

MAAA Newsletter 1/2006.

FAI Forwards on disk.

Other than MAAA:

VMAA Newsletter December 2005

Duration Times Bulletin No. 137

The Free Flighter January 2006.

ACLN No. 96

Yolanda Garcia re World Championships 2006.

Copy of reply to MAAA Sec by J.Elias.

Paul Lagan. Comments re World Cup event.

MR1 form and cheque for $62.50 from UMAC.

MR1 form and cheque for $62.50 from KMFC.

Barry Lee. Advice of new web page for NSWFFS.

Graeme Wilson. Request for letter of support from CLAS for proposed hard surface at Albury.

Correspondence Out:

Minutes of previous meeting .

MAAA. MR1 form from UMAC

MAAA. MR1 form from KMFC.

MAAA. Payment of $280.00 for invoice rendered.


Page 2.

Correspondence Out contd.

MAAA Sec. Advice of attendee at National Conference this year.

J.Elias. Re accommodation requirements at Conference.

CLAS Calendar for 2006.

City of Sydney Championships brochure .

MAAA. Return of KPI’s questionnaire.

( Note that any correspondence item tabulated above is available from Hon. Secretary upon request.)

Business Arising from Correspondence:

Moved to general business by consensus.

Treasurer’s Report:

For December 2005 / January 2006.

Balance brought forward $29,484. 57

Income since previous meeting 498. 00

Expenditure since previous meeting 422. 45

Balance carried forward $29,560. 12

Moved P.Turner and seconded R.Towell that the report be accepted. Carried.


Missing Medals.

John Elias advised that the matter had been referred to Than Stowe, who advised that the “missing medals” had in fact been passed on to a member of the racing fraternity for distribution.

City of Sydney Championships.

The inaugural City of Sydney Championships was held in January at Kelso Park. It will continue, and will be a separate major event, in the CLAS Calendar.

Clubs will be required to assist the manning and running of this event as to place the burden on one or two persons is not acceptable.

There was some question in regard to the running of the Classic Stunt as it was not supported at the event. We consider that it should be held and its format needs to be discussed by interested parties.


Page 3.


Classic Stunt.

Nothing has been received at this point, and the secretary is to liaise with H.Hanna and M.Dislers in this regard.

Register of CLAS Equipment.

No written advice has been received by the Hon. Secretary regarding CLAS equipment at this point in time. P.Turner mentioned that he was storing a tent and that he believed Merv. Beard had some of the old stopwatches. The Hon. Secretary has use of the multi-function printer, purchased by CLAS. Letters will be sent to Club Secretaries, requesting advice of any CLAS owned equipment.

State Titles.

This event will be held over the long weekend in June. The preferred sites are Whalan Reserve and Benson’s Lane, Richmond. John Elias will enquire about the availability of the Richmond site and the secretary will contact the Blacktown Council in regard to holding the State Titles at the Whalan Reserve. The site will be required for the four days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We expect approximately 50 to 60 people per day.

John Elias will enquire into the feasibility of having a food van, to relieve the burden placed on fliers.

In regard to judges, John Elias raised the question of a subsidy towards motel or travel costs, if interstate non competing flying judges are involved.

B.Swan raised the issue of holding judging seminars, and B.Eather mentioned that this had been done in the past at KMFC.

The matter of judges for the various stunt events was raised, and it was decided that the Hon. Secretary would write to several of our previous judges to ascertain expressions of interest in judging at the State Championships. Paul Turner has already indicated that he would judge Advanced, Reg Towell is prepared to be one of the judges for Vintage Stunt and Brian Eather has again agreed to judge Classic. There was general discussion on the issue.

The meeting agreed that there was urgent need for the support of representatives of the other disciplines apart from Stunt to attend our CLAS meetings on a regular basis so as to represent their particular disciplines. The Hon. Secretary will contact the various key persons in regard to this issue.

Pro formae for Entry Forms and Program of Events will be provided at the next meeting.


Page 4.


State Titles contd.

It was decided that a letter would be sent to Club Secretaries to ascertain the names of possible helpers for the State Championships, and to find out if there would be any members who would be willing to attend future Judging Seminars in the interests of judging.

Agenda for National Conference.

B.Eather requested that further clarification be sought as to the ownership of the proposed hard stand surface for control line. Should the proposal to construct the hard stand proceed then J Elias will seek clarification at the next Council Conference.


In regard to the Control Line Annual report to be included in the National Conference agenda by 31 March 2006, the secretary has been asked to contact Maris Dislers, the Chairman of the C/L Sub Committee to ask what steps have been taken in this regard.

Score Sheets.

B.Eather asked about the reimbursement for the score sheets, which the NZ representative had been supplied with for the World Cup event in Cheviot. These had been given to Murray Howell to pass onto Paul Lagan. The matter will be taken up with Murray and David Simons.

Land Acquisition.

P.Turner mentioned that he had spoken to the CEO of the Lakes Development Committee, and will continue to explore any possibilities in regard to land acquisition.

SAT Field.

B.Eather reported briefly on the field situation. He mentioned that Frank Battam had been speaking to a contractor in regard to the required concreting, and there may be some progress by the end of March.

Meeting closed at 9.35 pm.

Joan McIntyre.

Asst. Secretary CLAS.