Air Leagues Hall, Jubilee Lane, Parramatta. NSW

Meeting opened at 8.05pm

Present: J.Elias, B.Eather, J.McIntyre, J.M.McIntyre, R.Towell, P.Kenny,B.Swan, P.Turner.

Apologies: P.Norrie

Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Moved B.Eather and seconded P.Kenny that the minutes be accepted as read. Carried.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes:

Carried forward to general business by consensus.

Correspondence In:

From MAAA:

Sub Committee nominations.

Minutes of February 2006 MAAA Executive Tele-Meeting.

MAAA Policy on 2.4Ghz frequency equipment.

MAAA Newsletter 2/2006

Reminder re State Association Annual Report.

Manual of Procedures Update pages.

59th MAAA Nationals Bulletin No. 3

Other than MAAA:

M.Comiskey. Combat Report.

J.Nolan. Racing report.

M.Dislers. Acknowledgement of receipt of C/L Report from CLAS.

B.Gardner. Notification of change of address.

G.Goodworth. Query re proposed judging clinic.

K.Dowell. Response to letter re judging at State Titles.

Julio Isidro. Tournament in Portugal.

J.M.McIntyre. Itemised invoice of secretarial expenses. ($131.08)

The Free Flighter March, 2006.

ACLN No. 98

M.Dislers. Request for information on Bronze Wings proposal.

Correspondence Out:

Minutes of previous meeting.

M.Comiskey/J.Nolan. Request for input into C/L Annual Report.

Notification of change of venue of F2B event in December.

M.Dislers. Response to question on Bronze Wings proposal.

M.Dislers. CLAS C/L Report 2006.

MAAA. CLAS C/L Report 2006. (as requested for Annual Conference).

Hon. Treasurer. Invoice of secretarial expenses.

(Note that any correspondence item tabulated above is available from Hon. Secretary upon request.) Contd.

Page 2.

Business Arising from Correspondence:

Moved to general business by consensus.

Treasurer’s Report:

Balance brought forward $29,209.80

Income since previous meeting 32.00

Expenditure since previous meeting 200.00

Balance carried forward $29,041.80

Moved J..McIntyre and seconded R.Towell that the report be accepted. Carried.


58th Richmond Nationals - Medals.

J.Elias advised that he has spoken with T Stowe on the issue, and it is most likely that Richard Justic received the medals in question and they will in due course find their way to the persons concerned. The matter now rests.

2006 State Titles.

Catering : J Elias advised that he had spoken with D Keyssecker in respect to the possible use of his clubs food trailer as used at Werrington club competitions. Was informed that the van is owned by the club but they are not able to man it so the outcome is a negative. Also advised that enquiry to mobile caterers elicited no interest.

B Swan volunteered to enquire about a food van that services another club with which he is involved. Also on the subject of a hot water urn Bill said he could cover that requirement as well.

Access to Whalan Field: Hon. Secretary to follow up to gain access on Friday 9th June for the purpose of marking circles etc.

Risk Analysis: B Swan advised that he has spoken with P Norrie and Peter has agreed to attend the matter as he has done on previous occasions.

Stunt Event Score Tabulation: Hon. Secretary to follow up getting hold of a lap top computer and a programme.

F2B Judging: P Turner advised that Ken Dowell from Victoria may be in attendance which would add another senior experienced judge to the panel.


Page 3.


2006 State Titles contd.

F2B Classes: Following general discussion it was decided to fly expert, advanced, junior and novice events. Novice will be flown separately but the other events will be flown all in together. However, a proviso remains that the latter will be revisited if the number of entrants makes such a format impractical.

Stunt Co-ordinators: J Elias and J McIntyre volunteered to attend the role jointly.

Entry Fees: After much discussion it was agreed to waive the nomination fee and apply an event fee of $20 for seniors, $10 for juniors and a fee of $10 per event for late entries. Closing date to be end of business Friday 2nd June – telephone entries acceptable. It was also agreed that an event which has fewer that 3 entries at closing date will not be held.

Publicity: Hon Secretary to forward entry form and events calendar to the usual interstate connections and to all club secretaries for distribution.

Meeting closed at 9.30pm.

John McIntyre.

Hon. Secretary CLAS.