Air Leagues Hall, Jubilee Lane, Parramatta. NSW

Meeting opened at 8.02pm

Present: J.Elias, B.Eather, J.McIntyre, J.M.McIntyre, R.Towell, P.Kenny,B.Swan, P.Turner, J.Nolan, P.Norrie

Apologies: S.Nyul

Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Moved P.Kenny and seconded B.Swan that the minutes be accepted as read. Carried.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes:

Carried forward to general business by consensus.

Correspondence In:

From MAAA:

Membership cards and invoices nos.

06002 $400.00

06003 $100.00

06004 $350.00

06006 $200.00

06012 $200.00

06024 $100.00

06015 $800.00

06034 $250.00

00000977 $ 11.00 Total Payable to MAAA $2,411.00

Invoice PO5032 for $28.50 paid by personal cheque.

Request for nominations for representative on Nationals Sub Committee.

Request for Council refund claims to be finalised.

Field Report Guidelines.

Minutes of April 2006 Executive Tele Conference.

Request for finalisation of outstanding expenses at National Conference.

Postal Vote re Probationary members.

Advice of MAAA fees for 2006 / 2007.

Appointment of John McIntyre as member of C/L Sub Committee.

Current Insurance Policy.

MAAA Newsletter 3/2006

MAAA Council Conference Supplementary Papers.

FAI Forwards.

Other than MAAA:

MR1 forms from SAT(2), Narromine, SSME, MDMAS, Doonside (3),

UMAC (4), KMFC(6).

CR1 forms from UMAC and Doonside.

Cheques and cash received from:-

R.Harvey $125.00

J. McIntyre $250.00

D.Simons $250.00

P.Turner $300.00

P.Turner 1145.00

R.Blombery $125.00

G.Potter $125.00

D.Keyssecker $125.00

N.Thomas $125.00

UMAC 2770.00

Invoices from:-

ACLN $20.00

Ross Boyd $166.75

J.McIntyre $168.19

M.Comiskey $48.00

Advice of entry fees still outstanding from State Championships.

M.Comiskey. Combat Report Peter Germann (F2 Sub Committee). Re F2B Rules.

M.Dislers (C/L Sub Committee). Re selection criteria for 2008 W/C.

M.Dislers. SA proposal for selection method for 2008 W/C.

G.Ardill. Advertising major events.

A.Luckett. Oily Hand Day.

P.Turner. Results of NSW State Championships.

G.Wilson VMAA. Proposal re hard surface at Twin Cities.

D.Keyssecker. Expression of thanks re catering at State Championships.

G.Goodworth. Item for Control Line World.

M.Dislers. Re Clasic and Vintage Stunt Rules.

ACLN Nos. 100 and 101

Duration Times Bulletin No. 139.

Correspondence Out:

Minutes of previous meeting.

MR1 forms sent to MAAA.

M.Dislers. Selection Criteria.

Advice of membership fees for 2006/2007.

MAAA. Advice of venue for State Championships.

Blacktown Council. Certificate of Currency.

Advice of address for CLAS correspondence until the end of August.

Emails re organisation of score sheets etc. for State Titles.

(Note that any correspondence item tabulated above is available from Hon. Secretary upon request.)

Business Arising from Correspondence:

Moved to general business by consensus.

Treasurer’s Report: (April, May and June)

Balance brought forward $29,041.80

Income since previous meeting 558.32

Expenditure since previous meeting 660.58

Balance carried forward $28,939.54

Moved P.Norrie and seconded P.Turner that the report be accepted. Carried.


Report on the State Championships.

CLAS President John Elias commented that he believed the event had been successful and noted that the catering by Werrington Club (Don Keyseckker and wife) had been good and much appreciated. Also noted the medallions provided by Blacktown Council were good and a letter of appreciation to be forwarded to the Council.

Annual Conference.

Following his attendance at the conference John Elias spoke on a number of points which are mentioned below but not in detail. Minutes of the Annual Conference are available from CLAS Secretary upon request.

Noted that provisional rules relating to classic stunt were made formal so any proposed changes can be handled in the normal way for rule changes.

MAAA fees to remain the same.

Insurance premium has been reduced from the figure paid last year owing to a good claims experience. However, it can go up again if the claims experience changes adversely. The amount saved by the reduced premium is to be added to the field acquisition account.

MAAA grant for running Nationals has been increased from $5,000 to $10,000.

2008 Nationals to be hosted by Western Australia and 2009 will be held in Canberra and hosted jointly by Canberra and New South Wales.

John Elias now sits on the Land Acquisition Committee.

Victorian Field Assistance.

Correspondence from VMAA asking if CLAS would second a motion to be put to MAAA for a postal vote to be issued to secure VMAA a grant for $40,000 to go towards the hard surface to be layed at the Twin Cities club for use by members of MAAA. Understand cost to be around $75/80,000 and VMAA will contribute $25/30,000 and asking if CLAS would grant $5,000.

General discussion. Ultimately motion moved by J McIntyre and seconded J Nolan that CLAS agrees to second motion and whilst favourably disposed towards a grant of $5,000 the actual cost of the project and details of access for CLAS members to be on hand before the matter is discussed further. Carried. Also to congratulate VMAA on their initiative.

State Championships – Refunds.

The slow combat event was not held due to the weather and entry fee to be refunded to the entrants. It was noted also that a verbal complaint had been made by a Queensland combat competitor in respect to the lack of helpers for an event. General discussion and in was noted that the issue of having enough people to properly run events is to be covered in the future.

Gordon Burford Day.

John Nolan from Kuring-gai Club advised the meeting that his club is holding a special event for models powered by Burford engines on 15/10/06 to honour the man. Full details will be advised in due course.

MAAA Membership Processing System

John Elias raised the issue of a grant of $1,000 available from MAAA for the purpose of setting up the new membership processing system. General discussion ensued to the effect that the system will be taken on board.

Peter Norrie moved that CLAS acquire a lap top computer and portable printer to be available to all clubs with a programme for scoring as required. Seconded Reg Towell. Carried. After general discussion it was agreed that Peter Norrie would attend acquiring the items.

World Champ[ionships

John McIntyre mentioned that at the recent State Championships a local Blacktown Councillor Stephen Bali had visited the event and in the course of discussion about the event indicated that Blacktown Council could be expected to be cooperative with venues and some financial assistance should we manage to ever host a world championship. He mentioned also that the State Government Department of Sport and Recreation could be expected to provide some assistance.

General discussion ensued and it was decided that Joan McIntyre to make general enquiries concerning what is required to run the event both in financial and human resource terms when she attends the event in Spain later in the month. Meanwhile a letter to be forwarded to Blacktown Council thanking them for the medals, use of the ground at Whalan and advising that we are having a preliminary look at the world event and will refer to them in due course. A letter to be forwarded to Mike Comiskey to attend the September meeting if he can as he has past experience with the issue of running a world event and would have valuable input.

Purchase of Medals.

Moved B Eahter and seconded J McIntyre that more medals be ordered for future State events. Purchasing the medals in bulk on the previous occasion several years ago was considered to be a success both financially and in the quality of the award as opposed to previous trophies. Carried. Brian Eather to attend the matter.

Temporary Secretary

Paul Turner has kindly agreed to act as CLAS secretary in the absence of John McIntyre for the next 6 weeks.

State Championships

Paul Turner noted that a number of people competed in events and have not paid the entry fee. Secretary to forward a letter to the persons concerned bringing their oversight to light.

Paul also to forward a refund to the people who did not turn up.

Reg Towell requested that the minutes be noted to the effect that all appreciated the time and effort spent by the people who assisted with the work required in running the event.

Meeting closed at 9.45pm.

John McIntyre.

Hon. Secretary CLAS.