Air Leagues Hall, Jubilee Lane, Parramatta. NSW

Meeting opened at 9.00pm.

Present:               J.Elias, B.Eather, ,J.M.McIntyre ,J.McIntyre,  R.Towell, P.Turner, W.Bolliger

Apologies:      J.Nolan, R.Owen.

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Moved P.Turner and seconded R.Towell that the minutes are accepted as presented. Carried.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes:

Reports:   President.      No report submitted.
                  Treasurer.      Balance 1st July 2006        $29,162.82

                                    Income for year                   22,851.95

                                    Expenditure for year           29,043.44

                                    Balance at 30/06/2007       $22,971.33

A detailed financial statement was tabled. Moved J.M. McIntyre that report be accepted. Seconded by R Towell. Carried.

Election  of Office Bearers:

President declared all positions vacant and P.Turner was appointed returning officer for election of new office bearers.  It was noted that no postal nominations had been received.


J.Elias nominated by J M..McIntyre, seconded R.Towell.

No further nominations. J.Elias elected unopposed.

Vice President.

R.Towell nominated by B.Eather,  seconded J.Elias.
No further nominations. R.Towell elected unopposed.




                                                                  Page 2.

Election of Office Bearers contd.

Hon. Secretary.

J.McIntyre nominated by J.Elias, seconded W.Bolliger.

No further nominations. J.McIntyre elected unopposed.

Hon. Asst. Secretary.

J.M.McIntyre nominated by W.Bolliger, secondedR.Towell.

No further nominations. J.M.McIntyre elected unopposed.

Hon. Treasurer.

B.Eather nominated by JM.McIntyre, seconded J.McIntyre.

No further nominations. B.Eather elected unopposed.

Public Officer.

J.McIntyre nominated by B.Eather, seconded R.Towell.

No further nominations. J.McIntyre elected unopposed.

The returning officer, P.Turner thanked the previous executive for their services, and in particular, Brian Eather in his role as Treasurer, a position which he has held for 24 years.  He congratulated the incoming office bearers and vacated the chair.

General Business.

Web Site
B Eather raised the subject of the website. General discussion ensued.  A consensus emerged that there should be a report at least monthly from each of the disciplines stunt, racing, speed and combat, submitted to the webmaster – address -  ozflyer@bigpond.com

It was decided that the matter should be discussed at the next general meeting with ideas to be canvassed in the meantime.

Meeting closed at 9.41pm.


Hon. Secretary.