Minutes of  C.L.A.S. Meeting 14.8.06

Air Leagues Hall, Jubilee Lane Parramatta. N.S.W.



Meeting opened 8.20.pm.


Present :J.Elias, B.Eather, R.Towell, P.Turner, W.Swan, J.Nolan, P.Norrie,


Apologies: Nil,


Minutes of the Previous Meeting ,

               Moved with corrections below by P.Norrie ,

                Sec. R Towell,


 Correction:- Page 3. Re:- 2007 Nats.

                      Canberra is to be host alone not jointly with N.S.W.. N.S.W. will offer advice on how to run when asked.


Correction:- Page 3. Re:-John Elias.

                       John appointed to future Nats Committee not Land Acq. Committee.


Business arising from Previous Minutes:-

                Carried forward to General Business:


Correspondence In.

           From M.A.A.A.

                Key Performance indicators,

                 Receipt For $2,411.00

                 Minutes of Exc. Meeting 2.7.06

                Membership Cards,

06.040 $1,900.00

06.047  $2,650.00

06.059  $2,800.00

06.060   $ 200.00

06.062    $100.00

06.074    $950.00

06.087    $250.00

06.092    $300.00

                                  Total- 9150.00



Email:- Request for Minutes from R.Boyd.

M.R.I. Forms from N.A.C.A.( 28snrs)(ChQ.$3,520.00)

M.R.I. Forms from Doonside (2snrs)(chq.$250.00)

M.R.I. Forms & C.R. Form from Illawarra (1snr.)(chq$145.00)

Email :- Quote info on hard surface at TwinCities.

M.R.I  Forms& C.R. form  from Ryde-Epping(1jnr.+9snrs)

                                                 (chqs $20 & $1175.00

M.R.I. Form +C.R.Form from Model Aviation Club


M.R.I. Form From Ryde-Epping(1snr)(chq$125)

Email:-From V.M.A.A. Requesting seconding Grant Submission.

Ku-Ring-Gai Membership Application from Fred Pearson received in error.

N.S.W.F.F.S. Journal &Newsletter.

M.R.I. Form from N.A.C.A.(1 mem.)(chq,$125)

 M.R.I. Form from Doonside(1snr, 2 jnr)(chq.$225)

Email from Twin Cities, re:-info on Hard Surface.

C.R. Form from Ku-ring-gai (chq$20)

M.R.I. Form from Ku-ring-gai (1mem.)(chq,$125)

M.R.I. Form from Muswellbrook Dist. Mod.Aerosports(2snr+2jnr)(chq.$360)(over paid by $10)

M.R.I. Form from Ku-Ring-Gai (1snr)(chq.$125)


Correspondence Out,


    Minutes of Previous Meeting.

    M.R.I. Forms (Model Aviation Club)(2snr)to M.A.A.A..

    M.R.I. Forms (Ryde-Epping)(1snr)to M.A.A.A.

   Ku-ring-gai membership appl. of Fred Pearson forwarded to Ku-Ring-Gai.

   M.R.I. Forms (Doonside)(1snr,2jnr)(N.A.C.A.)(1snr).

   Membership cards to :Doonside(1snr.,2jnr.)

                                      :N.A.C.A. (1snr)



 M.R.I.Forms (Muswellbrook)(2snr,2jnr)To M.A.A.A.

 MR.I. Forms (Ku-Ring-Gai)(1snr) to M.A.A.A

             Reciept to N.A.C.A. for 28snrs. $3520.00

             Membership Cards to V.M.A.C.

             M.R.I. Forms from N.A.C.A.(28snr) to M.A.A.A.

             Cheque refunds to : B.Burke



            M.R.I. Forms from Doonside (2snr) to M.A..A.A.

            Returned A. Bonello card to M.A.A.A. due to error on card.

           Membership cards to :S.A.T. (4 snr)

            Membership cards to :Ku-ring-gai (22snrs,1 jnr)

           M.R.I. Form from Illawarra (1snr) to M.A.A.A.

           Email re; minutes to Ross Boyd.

          Membership cards to ; Doonside

                                            ; N.A.C.A.

           M.R.I. forms from Ryde-Epping (9snr,1jnr)to M.A.A.A.

           Membership card to I.M.A.C. (1snr.)

                                           ; Ryde-Epping (9snr,1jnr)


Business arising From Minutes

      Moved to General Business


Treasurers Report;

           Opening Balance $28,939.54

                 Income          $10,599.00

                 Expenses       $2,928.94

                 Balance          $36,609.96


General Business

        State Champ report from treasurer a profit of $800 was made.

        Treasurers stated that only 70 Medals left. Decision to order 250 more was made.

       Discussion of Purchase of P.C. for competition scoring was ongoing with the decision to purchase a P.C. for approx. $1300 and printer $200.

 Moved:- P. Norrie sec;- J. Nolan.   carried.

   Discussion on grant of $50,000 from M.A.A.A. to Twin Cities held, C.L.A.S. fully behind idea. Some State Champs could be held there.

  Discussion on C.A.S.A. Key Performance Indicators.

    6 items to answer- nil to all.

 C.L.A.S. A.G.M. will be held   9.10.06 at the Air Leagues Hall Jubilee Lane Parramatta .


Please send all Nominations in writing for Positions

: President

; Vice President

; Secretary

;  Treasurer

; Safety Officer

; Equipment Officer


        to C.L.A.S. Secretary.


Meeting Closed :9.30p.m.