Air Leagues Hall, Jubilee Lane, Parramatta. NSW

Meeting opened at 8.10pm

Present:               J.Elias, B.Eather, J.McIntyre, J.M.McIntyre, R.Towell, P.Turner, W.Bolliger

Apologies:            J.Nolan, R.Owen

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Moved B.Eather and seconded W.Bolliger that the minutes be accepted as read. Carried.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes:
                              Carried forward to general business by consensus.

Correspondence In:
                              From MAAA:
                              Receipt of payment of invoices ($4,106.00)
                              Response to query on age limit on Personal Accident Insurance.
                              Advice of Special Finance Council Tele-Meeting date.
                              Amended statement of rules. (to be posted in hard copy)
                              Minutes of July MAAA Executive Tele Conference.
                              Advice of receipt of MR1’s
                              Membership cards
                              Invoices totalling $1,610.00 for membership fees
                              MAAA Directory
                              Advice of new ACTAA President, Simon Trotter.
                              MOP Updates. Travelling with Models and Insurance.
                              FAI Forwards.
                              Request for nomination of Safety Sub Committee member.
                              Other than MAAA:
                              MR1 and CR1 forms and cheques from:-
                                          KMFC                                                $95.00
                                          P.Barclay.                               $95.00
                                          UMAC                                   $95.00
                                          MAC (Sport)                        $115.00
                                          KMFC                                                $95.00
                                          Narromine                               $20.00
                                          MDMAS                                $95.00
                                          M.Bell (Doonside)                $100.00
                                          Doonside (S.Hegarty)           $940.00
                                          MDMAS                                $20.00
                                          MDMAS                                $95.00            
                              M.Dislers. Official notice of acceptance of revised dates for State                                              Championships.
                              B.Eather. Suggested format for CLAS letterhead.

                                                                       Page 2.      

Correspondence In:
                              Other than MAAA. Contd.
                              M.Dislers. Forward of advice of WA F2C State Championships.
                              (17th Nov. at Whiteman Park.)
                              G.Goodworth. Queries on Classic models.
                              T.Bonello. Request for CLAS to notify members of date change for F2B                                  Competition.
                              S.Hegarty. Advice of new postal address.                                                     
                              R.Fisher. Notification of Gosford City Combat Day.
                              G.Ardill. Letter to advise of the passing of Alan Shing.
                              P.Germann. F2B issues. (Proposed removal of K factors).
                              R.Owen. Apologies for meeting.
                              P.Krenske.(Logan City). Combat issues.
                              G.Goodworth. Further information on fields.
                              C.Chalmers. Website information.
                              Duration Times. Bulletin No. 147
                              J.M.McIntyre. Report on Judging Workshop in Serbia.

Correspondence Out:
                              Minutes of previous meeting.
                              Information on KMFC British Flying Day.
                              G.Goodworth. Reply to question on Classic models.
                              Advice of changed date of SSME F2B contest.
                              Questionnaire returned to Blacktown Council.
                              Membership cards posted to Club Secretaries and members.
                              MAAA. Membership registrations.
                              MAAA Secretary. Advice of CLAS nomination of David Simons for Safety                             Sub-Committee.
                              SSME. Request for formal confirmation of site availability for State                                          Championships.
                              MAAA. Request for confirmation of age limit on Personal Accident Insurance
                              MAAA. Club details.
                              R.Boyd. Payment of invoice for website fees ($118.00)
                              MAAA. Payment of invoices ($4,106.00)
(Note that any correspondence item tabulated above is available from Hon. Secretary upon request.)

Business Arising from Correspondence:
                              Moved to general business by consensus.

Treasurer’s Report:
                              Balance brought forward                                 $28,764.87
                              Income since previous meeting                            4,543.69
                              Expenditure since previous meeting                    4,234.80
                              Balance carried forward                                  $29,073.76

Moved J.M..McIntyre, seconded P.Turner that the report be accepted. Carried.
                                                                    Page 3.

Bank Account.

Hon Treasurer reported that St George Bank had applied a $10 administration fee to the account because the balance had fallen below the minimum amount for a day or two. On raising the matter with the bank he was informed that the bank did not have CLAS recorded as a not for profit organisation.  To record that status the bank required a copy of a minute noting that CLAS is a not for profit organisation.  During the course of the enquiry it was also learned that the bank had no record of signatories for the account notwithstanding the length of time it had been managing the account.  New signatory forms were provided for completion so the bank will have a record of authorised signatories.

Status of CLAS Inc.

Following general discussion in respect to the bank apparently having lost the records for the account, it was confirmed to the meeting that CLAS Inc is indeed registered as a not for profit organisation.  It was noted also that the Annual Statement Associations Incorporation Act 1984 Section 27 (1) will be completed for lodgement with the Department of Fair Trading following the Annual General Meeting to be held later this night.

State Championships 2007

B Eather advised the meeting that in respect to use of Kelso Park, Milperra for the event, he had been told by the club which has use of the field (Bankstown Radio Fliers) that a fee of $2.00 will be levied on each competitor.  Following general discussion it was moved by J McIntyre and seconded R Towell that CLAS meet the fee.  Carried.

F2B Event – K Factors

J M McIntyre advised the meeting that there is much discussion on the international scene concerning K Factors with some parties advocating support for the proposal for their removal for a trial period of 2 years.  The understanding is that support is being sought for the proposal to go on an agenda for the CIAM meeting next year.  Canvassing interested parties in Australia had already determined a majority support for K Factors to be retained and this view has already been put forward to the chairman of the F2B working party.  We have been asked to revisit the matter.
Following general discussion it was agreed that prominent F2B fliers P White from WA, J Parisi from QLD and D Grinham from VIC be asked again to put forward a view on the issue. It is already known that the majority of fliers in NSW strongly support retention.

61st Nationals

J Elias advised the meeting that discussion with T Bond, President of Free Flight NSW, in respect to the Nationals event to be hosted by NSW had reached general agreement that there will be a joint Control Line/Free Flight Nationals possibly at Albury/Wodonga and surrounds in late December early January 2009.  It is believed that the radio control people will hold their Nationals events at the MAS NSW Cootamundra field some time around Easter 2008. 

                                                                  Page 4.


61st Nationals contd.

A letter is to be forwarded to MAAA informing them accordingly.  The matter has already been discussed with the former MAAA Secretary so they are not unaware of the situation. Verbal agreement had been reached between the parties that the grant of $10,000 paid to the Nationals host will be divided equally between the three disciplines.

Travelling with Models

Following general discussion it was agreed that the inward correspondence item from MAAA in respect to this matter be added in full to the minutes.  Consequently it is attached.

Personal Accident Insurance Cover

Hon. Sec. advised that a letter had been sent to MAAA in response to their advice that personal accident cover was limited to members aged 10 – 90 years. Advice has now been received from MAAA that following meetings with the brokers the policy has been changed to cover fliers aged 0 – 90 years.

 Meeting closed at 9.30pm.

Next scheduled meeting  - Monday 8th October 2007.



John McIntyre.
Hon. Secretary CLAS.


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