Air Leagues Hall, Jubilee Lane, Parramatta. NSW

Meeting opened at 8.10pm

Present:               B.Eather, J.McIntyre, J.M.McIntyre, R.Towell, B.Swan, J.Nolan, G.Frail, B.Hoffmann, S.Hegarty

Apologies:            J.Elias.

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Moved G.Frail and seconded B.Swan that the minutes be accepted as read. Carried.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes:
                              Carried forward to general business by consensus.

Correspondence In:
                              From MAAA:
                              Receipt of payment of invoices ($1,610.00)
                              Advice of receipt of MR1’s
                              Membership cards
                              Invoices totalling $1,085.00 for membership fees.
                              Advice of date of Special Finance Tele-Conference and request for details of delegate.
                              Response to receipt of report on F2B Workshop in Serbia.
                              Response to query on Qld State Championships.
                              Remote control Air Racing – UAV Category
                              MAAA Newsletter No. 5/2007
                              Response to letter re Joint Control Line and Free Flight Nationals.
                              Minutes of August 2007 MAAA Executive Teleconference.
                              Manual of Procedures update pages.
                              Agenda for Special Council Finance Teleconference.  
                              Other than MAAA:
                              CR1 and MR1 forms from Clubs;
                                          REMAC                     $700.00 and $20.00
                                          KMFC                                    3 cheques totalling $285.00
                                          NACA                        $95.00
                                          Doonside                     No payment received.
                              G.Potter.  Information sheet re F2A and F2C State Championships.
                              B.Eather. Revised format for CLAS letterhead.
                              G.Potter. Results of F2A and F2C events held at Albury.
                              Responses to K factor issue were received from D.Grinham, C.Stone, P.White, W.Leadbeatter, G.Goodworth.
                              R.Halle. Request for confirmation of membership.
                              B.Anderson. Request for former membership number.
                              M.Dislers. Advice that Qld F2B event is not part of the W/C Team Selection process.

                                                                   Page 2.
Correspondence In contd. (Other than MAAA)

                              P.Germann. Information re Discussion forum on k Factors.
                              R.Justic. Advice of changed date of WA F2C Championships. 
                              J.McIntyre. Invoice for secretarial expenses ($133.65)                    

Correspondence Out:
                              Minutes of previous meeting.
                              MAAA Newsletter forwarded to members.
                              Membership cards forwarded to Club Secretaries/ individual members.
                              MAAA. Request for current status of Qld F2B event.
                              MAAA. Letter re Joint Control Line and Free Flight Nationals.
                              Information on K factors from P.Germann forwarded to members.
                              MAAA. Member registrations.
                              MAAA. Payment of invoices. ($1,610.00)
                              Dept. of Fair Trading. Documentation and cheque for $43.00                      

(Note that any correspondence item tabulated above is available from Hon. Secretary upon request.)

Business Arising from Correspondence:
                              Moved to general business by consensus.

Treasurer’s Report:
                              Balance brought forward                                 $29,073.76
                              Income since previous meeting                           1,903.01
                              Expenditure since previous meeting                          0.60
                              Balance carried forward                                  $30,976.17

Moved B.Hoffmann and seconded G.Frail that the report be accepted. Carried.


Hard Surface at Albury
A letter from MAAA to Twin Cities MAC in respect to the Control Line hard surface and the facility generally, which is located on their club land was copied to CLAS.  The letter refers to a number of issues which appear to be of concern to the Twin Cities MAC.  No one present had any awareness of any of the issues.  It was decided to write to MAAA for details in order that we may address any issues which should concern CLAS as a party to the joint venture which is the control line facility at Twin Cities MAC.

61ST Nationals
Letter from MAAA in response to CLAS letter on the issue of split Nationals to be referred to CLAS President J Elias who is managing the matter.


                                                                  Page 3.


B Swan sought clarification that insurance cover applies to club members aged from 0 to 90 years. Confirmed in accordance with recent correspondence from MAAA.

F2B Judging
B Hoffmann spoke on the issue of a new judging system which was trialled for the first time at the most recent competition hosted by SSME.

Bruce felt that the system was good for the first occasion and had received positive comments. There were some negative aspects, including the impact it would have on the handicap system and but after general discussion of the system the consensus was that it is interesting and worthy of perseverance.  It was felt that involving all the fliers in judging should ultimately improve the individuals as judges.  A judging seminar with that aim was discussed and considered would be a worthwhile exercise once the fliers had some judging experience under the belt.

English Vintage Day at KMFC
The KMFC representative reminded the meeting that on 14th October the club is holding a fun day for models and engines of English origin and encouraged participants to join in the spirit and dress in the fashion of the English modellers who adorned the pages of Aeromodeller in the 50’s/70’s era.

F2B Pattern
J McIntyre informed the meeting that all the responses from the F2B fliers canvassed in respect to the K factor issue had strongly supported retention of K factors.

F2B Novice Pattern
After general discussion it was confirmed that the pattern comprises the standard F2B pattern less all the square manoeuvres, the triangles and the hourglass. 

Meeting closed at 9.25pm.

John McIntyre.
Hon. Secretary CLAS.

Postal address of CLAS Secretary:                                   Email: joanmc@ozemail.com.au
19 Alston Drive,
Berowra Heights. NSW. 2082

Ph: 02 9456 1546 or Mob: 0408 92 1065            CLAS website: www.control-line.com.au