Air Leagues Hall, Jubilee Lane, Parramatta. NSW

Meeting opened at 8.12pm

Present:               J.Elias,B.Eather, J.McIntyre, J.M.McIntyre, R.Towell, B.Swan, J.Nolan,W.Bolliger, P.Turner, R.Owen, P.Norrie, W.Shurmer.

Apologies:            G.Frail.

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Moved B.Swan and seconded B.Eather that the minutes be accepted as read. Carried.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes:
                              Carried forward to general business by consensus.

Correspondence In:
                              From MAAA:
                              Receipt of payment of invoices ($1,085.00 for October)
                              Advice of receipt of MR1’s
                              Membership cards
                              Invoices totalling $140.00 for membership fees.
                              Minutes of September Executive Tele-Conference.
                              FAI News (No.14)
                              Reply to CLAS letter and copies of correspondence in regard to Twin Cities                            MAC (Hard Circle).
                              Check on member address.
                              Confirmation of teleconference contact number.
                              News on Theo Merrifield (MAAA Vice-Pres.)

                              Other than MAAA:
                               MR1 forms from Clubs;
                                          REMAC                     $95.00
                                          IMAC                         $95.00
                                          Doonside                     Payment received for previous registration.  
                              B.Eather. Draft format for CLAS letterhead.
                              J.McIntyre. Draft copy of Novice Score sheet.
                              R.Boyd. (CLAS webmaster). Request for additional items for CLAS website.
                              R.Boyd. Concern over inclusion of four leaf clover in Novice pattern.
                              G.Ardill. Draft proposal for CLAS banner.
                              Dept. of Fair Trading. Letter and new invoice for $43.00
                              R.Owen. Request for assistance at State Championships.
                              G.Russell. Request for information on local clubs.
                              ACLN. (2 issues)
                              Duration Times. (Reg Towell has agreed to act as the custodian of these and                                         future issues.)

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Correspondence Out:
                              Minutes of previous meeting.
                              Membership cards forwarded to Club Secretaries/ individual members.
                              MAAA. Request for further information on Twin Cities MAC situation.
                              MAAA. Member registrations for processing.
                              MAAA. Payment of invoices. ($1,085.00)
                              Request for assistance in Combat events at State Titles. Responses to R.Owen.                       Advice of rescheduled F2B event, hosted by SAT.
                              Fred Adler . (Comp. Rules Sec.) Response to query on Open Combat lines.                             G.Russell. Response to letter requesting information on Clubs.                                                 
(Note that any correspondence item tabulated above is available from Hon. Secretary upon request.)

Business Arising from Correspondence:
                              Moved to general business by consensus.

Treasurer’s Report:
                              Balance brought forward                                 $30,976.17
                              Income since previous meeting                           1,100.00
                              Expenditure since previous meeting                   2,871.65
                              Balance carried forward                                  $29,204.52

Moved J.M.McIntyre and seconded B.Swan that the report be accepted. Carried.


Chairman J Elias spoke on the current situation in respect to the split Nationals to be hosted by New South Wales expected to commence end December 2008 for control line and free flight and Easter 2009 for radio control. A meeting between the parties had been held on 23/10/07 at the Bankstown Aviation Museum .A letter has been forwarded to NSW radio control (J McGovern) and the response was OK.  There has been agreement between the parties and MAAA to split the Nationals grant equally between the 3 disciplines.  There will be co-operation between the disciplines in respect to badges, trophies etc. where economy of scale is a consideration.

Looking at Albury as the venue and proposing to travel to Albury with T Bond (freeflight) next January to arrange fields.  Will report back to CLAS meeting in due course.

Control Line Facility at Twin Cities Club, Albury.
Response from MAAA to our letter requesting details of the concerns held by the Twin Cities club advised that there is work to be done on the site including enlarging the centre concrete circle which was made too small and a quote is being obtained.  It was also learned that the club has raised the issue of lost agistment income on the 7 acres occupied by the site.  Additionally the club, in term s of the joint venture agreement, has responsibility for maintaining the site and is basically unable to charge a fee for its use.
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Control Line Facility at TCMAC contd.

General discussion ensued and it was decided that Hon. Secretary make contact with Twin Cities club to get a good understanding of their concerns and perhaps consider assistance in some small way. To report at next meeting; the object being that a good relationship is maintained with the Twin Cities club. 

CLAS Web Site
W Bolliger spoke on behalf on R Boyd webmaster. Wants to add to website all contest results and an outline of each control line discipline together with a photo of a representative model. Unanimous agreement was forthcoming  and consequently the webmaster is to be informed that he has consent to add to the website all appropriate material that will enhance the site. Gratitude for the work done by the webmaster was also unanimous.

As a consequence the contest director of each event is requested to ensure that the information is forwarded to the webmaster in a format that can be utilised without additional work of if the means to do that are not available forward to CLAS Hon. Secretary for the information to be put into a proper format for onforwarding to the webmaster.  Webmaster email address ozflyer@bigpond.com

Novice Stunt Pattern
Issue raised by W Bolliger on behalf of R Boyd. There is some opposition to the overhead eights and clover being included in the pattern.  After general discussion it was agreed that the people who are known to compete in the event are to be canvassed with the aim being to get a pattern which suits the majority.

Racing at Kuring-gai Club
J Nolan advised that next year the club was introducing a new format for racing events in that there would be no entry fee but no trophies would be awarded and no lunch would be provided but there would be a barbecue available.

2008 Calendar of Events
B Eather raised the issue and there was general discussion.  From around the table it was determined that Doonside and SAT clubs would hold their events on the same weekend as this year and other clubs would have to be followed up. Kuring-gai club has already provided their information.

2007 State Title Events
P Turner raised the issue of the F2A and F2C events held at Albury over the October long weekend.  As Registrar for the State Championships he has no information at all about the number of competitors, entry fees, what was done in respect to trophies or the results. Hon. Secretary to write to the contest director G Potter accordingly.



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2007 State Titles
B Eather raised the issue of trophies.  In view of the event being held in January 2008 there will be difficulty with engraving in that the establishment where the work is done will be closed over the critical period.  After general discussion it was decided that for events which may not have enough competitors to proceed, medals will be awarded as usual and engraving attended later.

2007 State Titles
P Turner advised that he still holds entry fees from the postponed events which were scheduled for the last June long weekend.  It was decided that the funds should be held until the rescheduled event has been held and then address the refund issue.

2007 State Titles
R Owen  requested that club secretaries be reminded to remind club members about the rescheduled events.  Advised that for the combat events everything is ready to go but people are needed on the day to assist with running the events and without enough people to assist the events will not be held. Consequently people available to help should contact Robert in good time.

J Nolan noted that he will not be available for the events and Steve Rothwell is to be approached in respect to the racing events. 

Stunt events will be managed by J McIntyre.


Rules for Classic Stunt Event
P Turner informed the meeting that formulation of the proposed new set of rules is proceeding with a focus being kept on preserving the spirit of the event.

Perth Nationals
R Owen requested that MAAA be written to regarding programme.

F2B Rules Change Proposal
J M McIntyre gave an update of the saga. Opinions from various parties around the world continue to be posted on the forum set up by P Germann from Switzerland (co-ordinator of F2B working party).  There is no outcome yet.  Anyone wishing to have a more detailed understanding of the issue should contact Joan.  Basically there are parties trying to have the K factors eliminated.

Meeting closed at 9.38pm.

The next CLAS meeting is scheduled for Monday, 10th December, 2007.


John McIntyre.
Hon. Secretary CLAS.
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Postal address of CLAS Secretary:                                   Email: joanmc@ozemail.com.au
19 Alston Drive,
Berowra Heights. NSW. 2082

Ph: 02 9456 1546 or Mob: 0408 92 1065            CLAS website: www.control-line.com.au


                                                                              CLAS Webmaster Ross Boyd.