MINUTES OF CLAS MEETING 10 /12 / 07 Air Leagues Hall, Jubilee Lane, Parramatta. NSW

Meeting opened at 8.04 pm

Present: J.Elias, B.Eather, J.McIntyre, J.M.McIntyre,W. Bolliger, P.Turner, R.Towell, B.Swan, W.Shurmer, P.Norrie

Apologies: J.Nolan

Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Moved W.Shurmer and seconded B.Swan that the minutes be accepted as read. Carried.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes:

Carried forward to general business by consensus.

Correspondence In:

From MAAA:

Receipt of payment of invoices ($140.00) Advice of receipt of MR1’s Advice re Insurance Cover brochures (produced and supplied by Willis Aust.) MAAA Newsletter No. 6/2007 Minutes of October 2007 MAAA Executive Teleconference. News of the passing of MAAA Vice-President Theo Merrifield. . MAAA 2008 Council Conference. FAI News. World Air Games. Insurance brochures. Copies of correspondence in relation to the Twin Cities facility.

Other than MAAA:

MR1 form from KMFC and half year payment of $47.50

M.Dislers. Response to email re k factors.

M.Dislers. Copy of email to Federal Secretary re the above.

B.Lee. Details if Indoor Competition.

B.Eather. Copies of score sheets. (for Novice).

MDMAS. Query re 2007 / 2008 fees.

M.Howell. Advice of new email address.

P.Allen. New email address.

IMAC. New email address. (Bill Garrod).

J.Quigley. New Calendar dates.

G.Potter. NSW State Championship results.

R.Bonomo (KMFC). Calendar dates.

D.Keyssecker. Re format of MAAA newsletter.

B.Lee. (NSWFFS). Free Flighter (Dec. issue).

M.Dislers. Progressive Team Selection calculations.

M.Howell. Query re WA Nats. And Team Selection.

J.Quigley. Skyhawks Reunion date for CLAS Calendar (29/06 SSME)

D.Simons. Safety Issues.


Page 2.

Correspondence Out:

Minutes of previous meeting. MAAA Newsletter No.6 2007 forwarded to members. MAAA. Member registration from KMFC . MAAA. Payment of invoices. ($140.00) MDMAS. Advice of 2007 / 2008 fees. M.Dislers. Advising present status of Chairman as part of F2 Sub Committee. Draft Calendar sent out to Club Secretaries. Entry forms and Calendar of Events for State Champs sent out to members. Letter requesting information for CLAS website.

(Note that any correspondence item tabulated above is available from Hon. Secretary upon request.)

Business Arising from Correspondence:

Moved to general business by consensus.

Treasurer’s Report:

Balance brought forward $29,204.52 Income since previous meeting 380.00 Expenditure since previous meeting 140.00 Balance carried forward $29,444.52

Moved R.Towell and seconded P.Norrie that the report be accepted. Carried.


Payment of CLAS Fee:

Hon.Treasurer asked about receipt of fees in the form of a personal cheque from individuals rather than from an affiliated club. Was informed that the 3 people concerned were members of affiliated clubs and payment was made in that form apparently for convenience and the name of the affiliated club had been recorded on the reverse of the cheques.

Control Line Facility at Albury:

Hon. Secretary reported on a telephone discussion with the president of Twin Cities Club, Chris Henry, in respect to the issues raised at the last CLAS meeting. He advised that there are no real issues which should be a worry so far as CLAS is concerned. Also advised that the 2 grass circles will be fenced off from the concrete circle and consequently will be available for stock to graze when there is grass which will ameliorate the adjustment issue. He also confirmed that the fliers who used the hard circle on the October long weekend (F2A and F2C – part on NSW State Championships) had made a payment to the club but did not know the precise amount. Also mentioned that to date the facility has been used twice only.

With cognizance of the fact that any cost in maintaining the facility rests with the Twin Cities Club notwithstanding that they do not use it or need it, it was moved by J McIntyre that CLAS make a donation of $200 to the Twin Cities Club as a gesture of goodwill and in the interest of maintaining a good relationship. Seconded B Swan. General discussion ensued Carried.

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Speed Events at Albury:

Reference made to a letter from G Potter advising the results of the events. Also advised that entrant monies received were donated to Twin Cities Club and he had personally provided the trophies.

General discussion ensued. The issue was raised again that this was a CLAS sanctioned event and CLAS does not know how many entrants there were and in the interest of good record keeping and the ability to respond to any issues which may arise that information is required along with how much money CLAS donated to the club which has to be entered in CLAS financial statements. CLAS acknowledges the generosity of Grant in donating the trophies, which obviously he did not have to do as that is a CLAS responsibility, and for the purpose of bookkeeping the cost will need to be entered with a contra entry for the donation.

Hon. Secretary to write to Mr Potter thanking him for his contribution and to obtain the information required to finalise the above matters.

Novice Stunt Pattern:

W Bolliger informed the meeting that a canvas of and discussion with the regular competitors in this event had determined that the overhead eight and clover were not wanted. General discussion ensued with reference made to previous eras where an optional manoeuvre was a part of the pattern. Ultimately if was agreed to a point that the competitors should be the people to decide the shape of the event, especially given that the aim is to encourage participation.

Moved W Bollinger and seconded J McIntyre that the novice pattern now comprise:

Start Take off Reverse wingover 3 inside loops 2 inverted laps 3 outside loops 2 horizontal eights 2 vertical eights Landing.

Motion carried. There was some discussion in respect to reducing the flight time from 7 minutes in view of the abbreviated pattern but no motion was forthcoming.

F2B Score Sheets

B Eather raised the issue of whether or not to order new score sheets with the backing or simply the single sheet with no copy. There is an additional cost involved with the backing sheet. Discussion ensued and it was decided generally that the sheets with a copy are required mostly because they are the sheets used at State and Nationals events when most competitors want a copy of their score sheet.


Page 4. GENERAL BUSINESS contd. Racing and Speed Events 2008/09 Nationals

W Bollinger tabled a draft schedule incorporating events and a time allocation compiled by J Nolan after consultation with S Rothwell. The object is to enable the Nationals Committee to build the schedule into the overall Nationals programme.

Deferred 2007 State Championships

General discussion and it was decided that the individual disciplines would look after themselves.

On the common ground it was arranged that:

Sausages and soft drinks - attended by J Elias Bread rolls -J McIntyre Condiments -T Bonello Gas barbecue -P Norrie Risk Analysis Exercise -P Norrie

Stunt Events

F2B Judges – J Elias, J M McIntyre Vintage - Static judge -R Towell Flying judge -R Towell

Classic -Scrutineer and flying judge -P Turner Additional flying judge for both Vintage and Classic events to be advised. Next meeting Monday 11th February, 2008. Meeting closed 9.20 p.m .

John McIntyre. Hon. Secretary CLAS.

Postal address of CLAS Secretary: Email: joanmc@ozemail.com.au 19 Alston Drive, Berowra Heights. NSW. 2082

Ph: 02 9456 1546 or Mob: 0408 92 1065 CLAS website: www.control-line.com.au