Air Leagues Hall, Jubilee Lane, Parramatta. NSW

Meeting opened at 8.10pm

Present:               J.Elias,B.Eather, J.M.McIntyre, B.Swan, G.Frail,W.Bolliger, P.Turner. S.Nyul, P.Norrie, W.Shurmer

Apologies:            J. McIntyre, R.Towell, J.Nolan, R.Owen.

Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Moved W.Shurmer and seconded B.Swan that the minutes be accepted as read. Carried.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes:

                              Carried forward to general business by consensus.

Correspondence In:

                              From MAAA:

                              MAAA Newsletter.No. 1 2008

                              Update pages for Manual of Procedures.

                              Receipt of member registrations.

                              Membership cards and invoices totalling $140.00.

                              Minutes of November Executive Teleconference.

                              Minutes of December Executive teleconference.  

                              Advice of appointment of Ivan Chiselett as MAAA Vice-President.

                              Other than MAAA:

                              ACLN No. 118

                              Duration Times Bulletin No. 149

                              SAM. Invitation to Old Timer Championships.

                              The Free Flighter January 2008-02-14                                  

                              G.Wilson. Query re dates of NSW Nationals.

                              P.Turner. Final draft of Classic Rules.

                              P.Turner. Precis of feedback received from members.

                              G.Potter. Programme for Hunter Valley Championships.

                              SSME. Formal agreement for use of SSME field.

                              MAC (Sport) Inc. MR1 form and cheque for $47.50

                              R.Fairall. Discussion re Stae fees.

                              S.Rothwell. Emails re State fees.

                              P. Turner. Replies re discussion on State fees.

                              R.Fairall. Proposal re entry fees for Speed and Racing events.

                             Aust. Air League Inc. Invoice for hall rental ($330.00)

                              J.Elias. Purchase of sausages and drinks for State Champs. ($279.00)         

                              J.McIntyre. Invoice for secretarial expenses ($48.90)                      

                              J.McIntyre. Dockets for purchase of bread rolls ($70.00)

                              M.Dislers. Emails re Team Selection for World Championships.

                              M.Dislers. Query re circulation of Classic Stunt Rules proposal.

                              P.Norrie. Combat Report.


                                                                       Page 2.

Correspondence Out:

                              Minutes of previous meeting.

                              MAAA Newsletter forwarded to members.

                              Membership cards forwarded to Club Secretaries/ individual members.

                              MAAA. Member registrations.

                              Notice of cancellation of Open Combat event.

                              MAAA. Query re application to become FAI Observers.  

                              M. Dislers. Replies re Team Selection and verification of contact details of                                     prospective team members from NSW.

                              Advice of postponement of F2B event.

                              Confirmation of venue for Doonside F2B event.

                              R.Owen and P. Norrie. Request for input for CLAS annual report.

                              G.Wilson. Response to email re dates of next Nationals.

                              Forward of F2D Technical notice to Combat representatives.

                              R.Fairall. Response to emails re Racing fees situation.

                              S.Rothwell. Response to emails re Racing fees.        

                              M.Dislers. Response to query on circulation of Classic Rules proposal.

(Note that any correspondence item tabulated above is available from Hon. Secretary upon request.)

Business Arising from Correspondence:

                              Moved to general business by consensus.

TreasurerŐs Report:

No report presented at this meeting.


State Championships 2007.

P.Turner advised that he had collected $1,790.00 in entry fees and this was passed to the Hon. Treasurer for banking. From this, some refunds need to be paid. These will be organised at the next meeting, after the entries have been checked.

An amount of $356.70 in cash, the proceeds of food and drink sales, was also collected. Reimbursements for the purchase of the sausages, drinks ($279.50 to J.Elias) and bread rolls ($70.00 to J.McIntyre) were made from cash at hand.

B.Eather advised that payment to the Bankstown Radio Fliers, for the use of the field, has still to be made.

All results have been forwarded to the Chairman of the C/L Sub Committee.


                                                                     Page 3.


State Championships 2008.

Hon. Secretary to contact Blacktown Council to request use of venue at Whalan Reserve or an alternative site.

Team Trials for World Championship Selection.

An email was received from the C/L Sub Committee Chairman, requesting that the State Associations discuss the matter, and possibly put forward constructive alternatives to the present system, which has become a logistic nightmare.

Members agreed that there were many difficulties with the present system  

B.Eather suggested that a proposal could be put to the C/L Sub Committee Chairman that team Selection be based on the results of the Nationals. General discussion ensued.

From the Chair, the CLAS President asked that the Hon. Secretary forward a reply to Maris Dislers (Chairman C/L Sub Committee), stating that, in principle, we are considering the use of a single Nationals as the Team Trial, and following consultation with the members of the associated clubs, we will advise him of the outcome in due course.


It was advised that the Hon. Secretary had been in touch with the President of the Twin Cities Club, who was to forward a list of contacts, but at the time of the meeting, no response had been received.

The CLAS President had also made contact with the Secretary of the Twin Cities Club, and had explained that CLAS wished to hold the Nationals in Albury, but was concerned that the manpower to organise the preparation of the event could present a problem. He had received a very favourable response and was assured of the support of the Albury club in field preparation, grass cutting and also for catering. These details are to be confirmed.

The dates for this event were discussed at length, and the request from G.Wilson was taken into account. However, the number of events which have to be run, and the major sporting activities which are held in Albury in January also, were major considerations.

Tentative dates were proposed. Registration Day would be Sunday, 28th December, 2008, and competition would begin on Monday, 29th December, 2008. The last competition day would be Monday, 5th January,

A request was made that fields be made available on 27th and 28th December.

If grass fields are available at the Twin Cites Club, it was suggested that all racing events could be kept together at the one venue.


                                                                       Page 4.


Nationals contd.

A Nationals Committee was formed, and members will confirm who will occupy the position of Chairman.

                  Members are Paul Turner (Ph: 4777 4645) , Brian Eather (Ph: 9602 4934),

 Peter Norrie (Mob: 0409 981 102) and Warren Shurmer (Ph: 9677 2124 or mob: 0425 384 049)

Meetings will be convened and the Committee will liaise with the Free Flight Committee.

Available accommodation in Albury will be explored.

Paul Turner raised the question of the inclusion of Control Line Scale. There was strong support for the inclusion of this event.

Meeting closed at 9.10pm.

Joan McIntyre.

Assistant Secretary CLAS.

Postal address of CLAS Secretary:                                   Email: joanmc@ozemail.com.au

19 Alston Drive,

Berowra Heights. NSW. 2082

Ph: 02 9456 1546 or Mob: 0408 92 1065                        CLAS website: www.control-line.com.au