Air Leagues Hall, Jubilee Lane, Parramatta. NSW.      

 President: John Elias             Secretary: John McIntyre      Treasurer: Brian Eather

Meeting opened at 8.10pm

Present:               J.Elias, B.Eather, J.M.McIntyre, R.Towell, B.Swan,P.Norrie, P.Turner, W.Bolliger

Apologies:            J.McIntyre, J.Nolan, D.Simons.

Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Moved B.Eather and seconded B.Swan that the minutes be accepted as read. Carried.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes:

                              Carried forward to general business by consensus.

Correspondence In:

      From MAAA:  Advice of receipt of MR1Ős & cards

                              Minutes of February 2008 MAAA Executive Teleconference.                    

                              MAAA Newsletter No. 2/2008

                              Manual of Procedures update pages.

                              Response to voting directive.

                              Enquiry re Sub Committee members from CLAS.

                              Copy of reply to Nationals Co-ordinator.

                              Advice of outcome of K factor proposal at CIAM Meeting.  

      Other than MAAA:

                              MR1 forms from Clubs;

                                          UMAC                       $112.50

                                          MDMAS                    $237.50

                                          SSME (P.Chilton)         $47.50                                                                                                           Doonside                       $95.00

                              B.Eather. Request for contact details.

                              B.Eather. Change of wording in minutes regarding new bank account.

                              B.Eather. Copy of Nationals Bulletin No. 1 for general circulation. 

                              Greg Frail. Emails in regard to possible alternative sites for State Championships.

                              Reeve Marsh. Query re Nationals Bulletin.

                              Greg Ardill. Emails in regard to inserts for medallions.

                              S. Hegarty. Emails re member registration.

                              Blacktown City Council. Confirmation of Whalan Reserve for State Championships.

                              Information on Queensland State Championships.

                              ACLN No. 120

                              Murray Howell. Copy of F2B Team acceptance.

                              John Taylor. Emails re 62nd Nationals.

                              D.Harvison. Acknowledgement of receipt of refund with thanks.


                                                                  Page 2.

Correspondence Out:

                  R.Edgerton, G. Goodworth, I.Smith, G Tansley. Classic Stunt proposal and copies of Paul TurnerŐs responses to input from members.

                  Minutes of previous meeting.

                  MAAA Newsletter forwarded to members.

                  Refund cheques forwarded to members.

                  MAAA. Response to request for information on Sub Committees.

                  MAAA. Directive re K factor proposal for CIAM Meeting.

                  MAAA. Member registrations.

                  A.Kerr.Request for racing results information.

                  SSME. Official confirmation of booking of Luddenham field for State                                              Championships.

                  National Bulletin No. 1 forwarded to members and State Representatives.

                  Nationals Bulletin No. 1 sent to webmasters and ACLN.    

                  Reeve Marsh. Response to email re nationals Bulletin.

                  Forward of information on Queensland State Championships.                                

(Note that any correspondence item tabulated above is available from Hon. Secretary upon request.)

Business Arising from Correspondence:

                              Moved to general business by consensus.

TreasurerŐs Report:

                              Balance brought forward                                 $30,899.72

                              Income since previous meeting                              448.08

                              Expenditure since previous meeting                       293.30

                              Balance carried forward                                  $31,054.50

Moved R.Towell and seconded B.Swan that the report be accepted. Carried.


62nd Nationals

Brian Eather, as Nationals Co-ordinator, reported to the meeting that he and John Elias had travelled to Albury to organise and confirm venues for the forthcoming Nationals. He told the meeting that the oval at Alexander Park and adjoining soccer fields had been booked, and that the Stadium had also been booked for one afternoon and evening for the indoor events. A private room at the Commercial Club had also been booked for the social evening / Dinner.

Whilst in Albury, they had also visited the Twin Cities site, where the hard circle is located. The Twin Cities Club had agreed to run a BBQ and Swap Meet on 1st January, and will provide food service there for the Nationals. The running of a kiosk at Alexander Park for the duration of the Nationals is also being explored.


                                                                  Page 3.


62nd Nationals contd.

The Twin Cities Club was also approached in regard to the social evening at the Commercial Club. They have also made an offer in regard to camping on site.

Terry Bond (NSWFFS) has said that the Free Flight Society will make a donation to the owner of the Free Flight venues.

Nationals Bulletin No.2

No final decision has yet been reached on the entry fees, but it appears that it will be considerably lower than in the past. Bulletin no.2 will be sent out as soon as it is completed.

Entry Forms.

These are not totally finalised as fees are indicatives only at this point. The aim is to have all these items completed by the MAAA Conference.

Accommodation in Albury.

Manor House, which is very close to the flying field, has offered corporate rates to fliers and their families.

Hard Circle at Twin Cities Club.

It appears that some maintenance is required in relation to the hard circle and it was suggested that CLAS and the Victorian representatives discuss the matter, with the idea of contributing an agreed amount each year for this purpose. There are only very fine, hairline cracks on the surface, and it does not appear that this would have any detrimental effect on its use.

It does not appear that the proposed grass circles will eventuate, given that the area is used for adjistment.

It was moved by P.Norrie and seconded W.Bolliger that CLAS contribute an amount of $100.00 towards the ongoing maintenance in regard to weed control and such. The motion was carried.

A previously approved amount of $200.00 in relation to adjistment issues which had been raised by the Club, would also be forwarded to the Twin Cities Club. Secretary to attend.



Joan.McIntyre confirmed that the use of the Whalan no.2 oval had been approved by the Blacktown Council, and that the field at Luddenham had also been secured for the Monday of the long weekend. It was noted that Greg Frail had also spent time looking for alternative venues, and that CLAS was most appreciative of his efforts.


                                                                  Page 4.


State Championships contd.

Bill Swan raised the issue of the proximity of Combat events to Stunt circles, and was assured that any safety issues would be looked at very carefully.

Entry Forms.

The Secretary had been advised informally that F2A and F2C events would probably be held on the hard circles in Albury over the October long weekend, but this needs to be formalised through CLAS, as it is a CLAS sanctioned event. Representatives of these disciplines will need to submit to CLAS the details and confirmation of the venue. CLAS has not been officially asked to secure the venue for the event at this point in time. Secretary will seek further information from Grant Potter or Richard Justic.  


Stunt Judges  F2B             Expert.      Joan McIntyre, Karen Barnes (NZ)

                                          Adv.          Paul Turner

                                          Novice      .Paul Turner, Reg Towell

                   Classic Stunt:                       Bill Swan, Paul Turner

                Vintage Stunt:                                     Reg Towell, Denver Harvison to be asked.

                                          Static:        Dennis Percival to be asked.

Risk Assessment.

Peter Norrie has once again volunteered to organise the risk assessment procedures, and CLAS is most appreciative of this. Peter will organise a handout for the CDŐs.

Meeting closed at 9.05pm.

Joan McIntyre.

Asst. Secretary CLAS.

Postal address of CLAS Secretary:                                   Email: joanmc@ozemail.com.au

19 Alston Drive,

Berowra Heights. NSW. 2082

Ph: 02 9456 1546 or Mob: 0408 92 1065                        CLAS website: www.control-line.com.au