Jack Dunkerton  "AUS 9"

A BRIEF HISTORY.................

Jack is one of those people who believes if you are going to do something then get
into it boots and all.  As a result of this he has been the organiser of many an event which once underway results in a finish which leaves sceptics to wonder at their own short comings.  Take the Aeromodelling Championships organised in the early years of NSW,  he was prime mover in assisting the fraternity of the 1950's into the current movement we know today.  The Annual Championships held down at Campbelltown during those times is still talked about by many "Veterans" who
attend the Aeromodelling Veterans Gathering.  His long suffering family can attest only to well at being left in the background while he attended to the needs and requirements of the "Aeromodellers Association" during that era.

As a lad, Jack had quite a time and won his first model contest by flying a heavy
wooden (no balsa in these times) rubber driven plane over a rope at a contest run by
the "WOMENS WEEKLY" in the 1930's.  During the Second World War he was
part of the First Commando Detachment in the Armed Forces.  Sent to New Guinea
along with the rest of his group they had an horrific time and he was a one of a few who survived.  Coming home he was re-habilated and sent to Seal Rocks as one of the Lighthouse Keepers.  While in this post he started aeromodelling again and flew a radio control model over the sand dunes near the Lighthouse.  As the PMG, (early
disguise for the now infamous TELSTRA) picked  up strange radio codes coming from the small coastal area of Seal Rocks. They raced into the area suspecting some foreign spy to be using an illegal transmitter, only to find  a "Lone Modeller"
flying his radio model and enjoying himself.  The PMG boys not having any sense of humour at this stage, confiscated the radio and model and he was left to lament his loss and go freeflight for some years later.

Jack worked in the timber industry after the war and
managed several different Mills and Operations.  Moving to New Guinea he managed a large "Colonial Company"and stayed in the area until moving back to the Hunter Valley where he met the infamous Bruce Abell      inventing the  AEROMODELLING  VETERANS
at MUSWELLBROOK.  In recent times Jack's health has not been good but with the help of his long suffering wife "Alma" he is still able to bless us with his presence least one day at the GATHERING.

Jack Dunkerton our Founder
Jacks the one head down and
"...." up, or is he looking for
his model in the traditional
long grass.