Bruce Abell


Contrary to popular "Folk Lore", Bruce is not a local, he is a Banana Bender from the wilds of the Maryborough Region in QUEENSLAND.  As a lad (and I use the term loosely) he was interested in control line models with a yen toward Team Race and a bent for engine mods that would turn a fair amount of speed.  His interests include all aspects of Aeromodelling but he loves Gliders, especially his own design models with which he loves to prove the experts wrong.  Currently gracing the confines of Cessnock ( Ferguson street will never be the same, even the tractor has tried to change it's name by deed poll) he carries on modelling at a furious rate, from a shed which is an eye opener for the uniniated.  With a dirt floor, engines on shelves, models in the rafters and other booty scattered about, it resembles some ancient (describes Bruce to a tee) modellers tomb you would expect to find in a weird dream.  He once built Wakefield Models, that is weird.

When Bruce is not stirring the pot he loves getting involved in the organisation of the "GATHERING'S AWARDS".  He is one of the main instigators in producing these much to be dodged pieces  which come to light at the most inopportune times, much to the horror of those on the receiving end of these Piece de Resistance offerings.  With a penchant for the warped and twisted (his sense of humour is much the same) the AWARDS for various recipients become better with each passing year.

His sense of credibility is to be highly questioned however, when in 1998, our TENTH

ANNIVERSARY, he went to "London to look at the QUEEN" (he could have seen one here).  Well actually he went to the Chelsea Flower Show, Aircraft Museums, visited Dave Boddington and anything else a modeller would do in "THE LAND OF AEROMODELLING, much to his wife, Marie's lament.

Bruce Abell
Bruce is the "MODEL" in the red hat !