1989        Nancy Bird-Walton
History of Aviation - Women in Aviation and Hunter Valley specials

1990        Ross Woodcock
                Building the Replica 504K for QANTAS

1991        Paul Dewhurst
                Building the SHUTTLE replicas and other bits

1992        David Owen
                Model Engines - A Brief History

1993        Gordon Burford
                My Model Engine Building Careeer

1994        Bob Rowe
                Aeromodelling in the 1930's and 40's, early days of radio and the
                Radio Station involvement and Centennial Park Specials

1995        Colonel Patrice Rice srn. USAF  retired. BSC.BSNM.
                Aviation Medical Evacuation Consultant, Medivac evacuation and
                how it started in Vietnam War and beyond

1996        Adrian Bryant
                My trip to the Wakefield World Champs in YAMI YARVI Finland
                1951 and other experiences along the way

1997        David Boddington
                My experiences in modelling, Movies and sundry jokes.

1998        Frank Bryant
                Modelling from the age of 6, wartime models , early radio models in
                UK and how I set fire to my wife with a model turbine engine

1999        Jim Fullerton
                Modelling 1940's and 50's, early rubber and publicity for the sport
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