On 28 Mar 2020, at 11:42 am, Bruce Hoffmann wrote:

Dear CLAS members,

Due to the current Covid19 concerns it is recommended that our members do not fly for the foreseeable future.  

Also, considering the statement made by the Premier of NSW this morning where she stated that for coming weekends 'all persons should remain home' if at all possible - except for essential service personnel etc.


This obviously does not include the flying of model aircraft and further statements of this type further restricting activities of the community are very likely in the future; as such serious consideration should be given to the need to fly at this time with the current climate of Covid19 and it's ability to be easily passed from person to person.

I have read current documents from the Federal Health and NSW Health departments which do not 'ban' the meetings of people outdoors but limits to numbers of people do exist (10 at time of writing) with adequate safe distancing between persons; 1.5 metres between persons and/or within a 4 square metres to each person.    While information contained within these sites do not specifically mention the flying of model aircraft we can correctly assume that regulations relating to other sporting groups/gatherings will equally relate to 'us'.

These requirements make the flying of C/L model capabilities difficult; stooges/auto release mechanisms would need to be used, helpers not allowed to touch models or be within 1.5 metres of the pilot/pit person etc and proper sanitization of those models/persons would need to occur.  

Flying of 'hand launched' C/L models and abiding by the 'Safe distancing' requirements would certainly be difficult to comply with.

The Government threatens that the current restrictions may become more severe if this crisis continues.  We do not want to see any of our members become sick or pass the illness onto  any one else; we need to be patient, stay at home and maybe build some models!   

Police now have the power to fine (or probably arrest) people not abiding by Government imposed regulations - we don't want this to occur to any of our members either!

We all hope that the crisis will pass as soon as possible but apparently will only do so if we all behave and adhere to the 'Social safe distancing' rules and the ever changing policies broadcast to the community by the Government.

To assist and to keep up to date, I recommend that each member reads the current updates on both the Federal and State government health related websites as well as websites of individual local Councils where restrictions may placed on usage of Council owned land/buildings etc.

CLAS is also aware of the impact that this pandemic has had on the many Club competitions (past and future) and that of the running of our State Championships in June.  No firm decision has been made regarding these Championships however; this will depend on the nature of the virus in the next few weeks where members of CLAS and other State bodies will be advised."

I wish all members, their families and friends to remain healthy and safe in the ensuing weeks and months due to this global virus.

Bruce Hoffmann



27th March 2020