Welcome to the first of Grant Potters web pages, an attempt to share with others some of the knowledge Grant has accumulated about teamracing.

F2C World Champions  

At the pinnacle of his aeromodelling career so far, Grant (right) is pictured here with Hugh Simons at Landres, France in 2008, with their World Championships trophy for winning F2C.

Within these pages...

Pressurized Tank    Photos and drawings of Grant's multi-chambered refuelling tank.

Vintage A internals    Revealing photos of a winning Vintage A teamracer.

CNC router    Purpose built router for accurately machining model components.

Practise Flying Circle    Specially made flying circle for practising F2C.

Carbon Fibre Moulded F2C Wing    Complete manufacturing process explained.

Carbon Fibre Cooling Duct & Wheel Mount    Complete manufacturing process explained.

2010 World Champs F2C plan    The Simons/Potter model in pdf format.


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