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A nostalgic review of control line model aeroplane flying in Australia covering its golden years, the nineteen fifties and sixties, right up until today.

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The pictures on this page:

1.  Doug Harlow pictured early in 1962 with his Nationals winning Comanche, Merco 35 powered.  Earlier, Doug had won Nationals aerobatics as a junior, and later he won the Nationals again for four consecutive years.

2.  The sleek lines and attractive colour scheme of Athol Holtham's Galaxie graced Australian class 2 teamracing circles in the early 1960s.  This picture was taken early morning at Albert Park, where the VMAA competitions were held.

3.  Peter White's radial cowled Thunderbird is a modern day replica of the model that designer Bob Palmer toured with in South Africa and England during the late 1950s.

4.  Len Armour holding the pulse jet powered model he used for the annual night flying demonstrations at Perth's Royal Show.

5.  A 35 sized example of the O.S. Max series of glowplug engines, arguably the most successful range of engines available during the golden years.

6.  Charlie Stone (left) and Hans Bertina (right) with their appearance award winning teamracers at the 1963 Nationals.

7.  Class 2 teamrace winners at Warrnambool in 1964, having just set an Australian record that was to stand for 7 years.  Robin Mutimer (left), David Kidd, and Hans Bertina (right).

8.  Graeme Barnes (right), winner of FAI Combat at the 1983 NSW State Championships, with runner-up Mike Bellamy (left).

9.  The Rookie Trainer was a wonderful first model for learning to fly because it was so versatile.  It was stable and easy to fly, strong enough to survive minor crashes, and aerobatic as well.  The kit of parts came in a brown paper bag and cost all of $5.  Craig Simpson of Wangaratta shows off his example, winner of one of the 1977 rat races run by the local club.

10.  Robin Hiern's Class 2 speed model powered by SuperTigre X29 and flown on monoline was an Australian record holder during 2000 at 290 KPH.

11.  Aerobatics winners at the 1982 Nationals included the well-known NSW personalities (clockwise from top left) Paul Turner, Jeff Reeves, Reg Towell, and Brian Eather.

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