Control Line model aircraft competitions Australia wide are described here by correspondents who give their time freely promoting the sport.

Anyone who would like to add to their fame and promote their favourite branch of control line aeromodelling is invited to send their news to David Kidd for inclusion in this page.

Major competitions not described here can usually be found in an appropriate issue of Australian Control Line News.

The following reports are available:

South Australian State Champs, 2005

57th Nationals 2004

Queensland State Champs, 2004

Victorian State Champs, 2004

South Australian State Champs, 2004

South Australian State Champs, 2003

Victorian State Champs, 2003

56th Nationals 2002/2003

South Australian State Champs, 2002

Victorian State Champs, 2002

55th Nationals 2001/2002

54th Nationals 2001

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