A gallery of pictures depicting control line models and related paraphenalia, sent in by readers of Australian Control Line Nostalgia.

Readers Pictures 1

  1.  Rob Fry's new Galaxie, brand new and in racing trim, photographed in March 2007.  Describing the new plane, Rob wrote: "Model flies really well, a little loose on take off but will be better when using a proper marked out grass circle to operate from. Grooves very nicely as do most Classic B models. Plenty of line tension so wind won't be a problem. Nice and responsive without being twitchy. All good. Landing, is probably one of my best models to land. Able to keep the air speed up by whipping and then just relax at the right time and watch it touch down and roll nicely up to the pit segment. Probably stuff it up during the race though!"


2.  Another view of Rob's Galaxie.  This model is powered by one of the new upstarts to Classic B racing, a AAC Brodak B25R designed by that renowned Moldovian engine builder Sergy Ivanov, and prepared and tuned by Alan Barnes in New Zealand.  As well as a striking paint job, Rob has added some more modern refinements that should give this machine an edge in the racing circle. Features, beside the obvious B25R engine, include an alloy engine plate, a rearwards remote needle, a fuel cut-out and a fuel fill valve.


3.  This line-up of models is John Hallowell's fleet of Classic B teamracers at the beginning of 2007.  In the left hand row, from the front, we have what looks like a red Purple People Eater (John's design), a Galaxie, a Rocket (John's design), followed by two swoopers.  In the right hand row is the multi Nats winning Purple People Eater (John's design), another Rocket (John's design), a Grassfire, and another Swooper.  Of all of them, John thinks his Rocket design is the best.


4.  "My best model by far is my newest and own design, the Rocket." John wrote in February.  Here's a picture of the new Rocket, looking sleek enough to feature on the front cover of a glossy magazine.


5.  Now here's a blast from the past!  A letter laboriously typed by John Hallowell back in 1962 when he was the Hon. Sec. of the Oakleigh Model Aero Club.  The letter advertises Australia's first ever 1000 lap class 2 teamrace, an event that was staged in due course, most successfully.  Having had no experience of such a lengthy race, competitors were fearful that it would burn up their precious engines and planes... but as things turned out, the most stressed things at the end of the race were the pilots.


6.  For those how can't read, this is a Keil Kraft "Demon" which the kit maker claimed to be an "A" Class Team Racer. It's powered by a vintage 2.46cc ED green-head Racer (that's the reed-valve version) which drags the model through the air with all the speed of a pedigreed racing snail. The model was built from a yellowed an tattered plan by Ron Chernich of the Brisbane Thunderbirds as a replica of the similarly colored model he built from the kit in 1961. That one was powered by a Taipan 1.5 (what else?) and memory says it went a lot faster.

7.  Father and Son, or Kissin' Cousins? On the left is the very original George Aldrich designed Nobler from the Model Airplane News plan, including the extra cockpit framing detail. On the right is the highly evolved Gieseki Nobler with a longer tail movment, smaller flaps, and different airfoil. While it looks similar, the improvement in cornering ability is astonishing. These models were built by Frank Batham and Ron Chernich respectively. The ring-in in the background is one of Frank's Cauldrons.


Australian aircraft modellers and former aeromodellers are invited to contribute to these pages.  If you have photos of your own planes either from the present or the past, please share them with modern day readers by contacting webmaster, Ron Chernich.  Digital photos or scanned pictures can be sent directly by email, or we can scan and return to you any prints you want to send by ordinary mail.  When sending your pictures, please include a description telling us what they are all about.