A gallery of pictures depicting control line models and related paraphenalia, sent in by readers of Australian Control Line Nostalgia.

Readers Pictures 1 1.  Here's a nice pic of Robin Heirn and his winning ST X-40 Speed model at the Vic State Champs.  The Championships this year were held over the Easter long weekend, with some events flown at the CLAM Frankston field, and others at Knox.

Robin had a winning time at the Championships, an experience not entirely unusual for him.  Not content with taking first place in the F2A class, Robin proceeded to take first, second AND third places in Combined Speed.  A clean sweep, you might say!


2.  An old picture dating back to 1959, at the Gawler Nationals where Athol Holtham flew this Thunderbird in its first competition ever.  The plane was a Mark 2 Thunderbird fitted with a Mark 1 fuselage, designed to place the engine thrust line down level with the wing, a feature Athol believed was important.  When they returned home from this nationals, Athol and his friend Peter Ellis reckoned the most noteworthy aspect of the trip was the copious red dust that invaded everything at Gawler, making it a rugged venue indeed for a model aircraft competition.


3.  This tiny model is Charlie Stone's Mercury Marlin vintage stunter.  Charlie writes "It is powered by an Enya .09 glow and weighs in at 10 1/2 ounces of which about 6 1/2 ounces is the engine and tank. It flies brilliantly in still air - not too bad for a 1949 design."  Having no wheels, its potential for scoring takeoff and landing points must be severely restricted!


4.  This beautifully decorated stunter built by Charlie Stone is a McDonald Stiletto powered by an ST .46.  It weighs 46 ounces.  The tailplane and flap tip plates are Charlie's addition to the standard design, intended to reduce tip losses and drag whenever elevators and flaps are away from neutral.  A Stiletto was good enough to win the Australian Nationals back in 1979.


5.  Here's a picture of John Hallowell's latest B teamrace model built to take to England in August 2007.  You might think that with the vast fleet of racers John already had to choose from, a new one would be unnecessary... but John evidently enjoys building them, and none are more sleek than this latest creation.


6.  Here is a picture John Hallowell took at the Albury Nats earlier this year of the Open Combat winner Ian (Iggy Spider) Amiera and his crew of Keith Baddock (left) and Robert Owen (right). Engine is an OS 40 FSR. He defeated Mike Comisky in the final.

A good pit crew is regarded as essential in combat these days, as their workload is said to be higher even than in teamracing where they are obviously essential.