Enjoy Rob Fry's description of the Australian Model Aircraft National Championships held at Busselton Western Australia, 17th - 24th April 2004:

2004 Nats photosAll 10 events held over the week of the 17th — 24th April had good entries it was great to see 12 teams in Vintage A Team Race and 15 entries in Vintage Combat was a highlight of the week on the last day.

The weather early in the week saw moderate to strong winds from the coast gusting to 20 knots for the hard stand racing events so most rounds were drawn as 2 up heats. The conditions during the Goodyear event were considered unsafe for a three up final so 2 x two up finals were flown. This shows excellent initiative and judgement by the Contest director to consider the safety of the pilots, models and spectators.

A big thank you must go to all the CD's, helpers, judges and officials. A very friendly week of competitions (but still serious) were enjoyed by everyone. The week prior to the Busselton Nats the R/C pylon events were held in Mundijong and some of the C/L guys volunteered to assist with time keeping and cut judging. This was well received and in turn we had a couple of guys from Pylon helping us with time keeping for the whole week!

The photos at right are by courtesy of Charlie Stone and Harry Bailey:

1. Peter White's aerobatics winner

2. Rob Fitzgerald and Mark Ellins with their FAI teamrace winner

3. Bendix finalists Mark Ellins/John Hallowell, Alisdair Taylor/Rob Fry, Graham Wilson/Walton

4. Jim and David Stivey prepare for open combat

5. Ron Hoogenkamp with fully imported combat moodel

6. Classic B teamrace finalists Graham Wilson/Mark Ellins, Rob Fitzgerald/John Hallowell, Ian Thompson/Hans Bertina

7. Rob Fry, Combined Speed winner with record breaking Sports Jet

8. Vintage combat contenders faced plenty of opponents

Unfortunately I was not able to see all events but here are some of the highlights that I did get to see,

F2C Team Race started the week off and it was great to see everyone getting times well under 4 minutes with only one time just outside 4 minutes and just a few DNF's.

The final was a treat with our next C/L World Championship participants Mark Ellins and Rob Fitzgerald putting in a great race to take the win, just under 4 seconds slower than the current Australian record.

Greg Pretty and Rob Fitzgerald put in a very professional effort and thoroughly deserved their win in Goodyear. Greg came over last minute to enter and it was good to see him rewarded for his terrific efforts. Hopefully the rest of us can improve and really give these guys a good challenge next time. Graeme Wilson's model had a push rod failure and flew a few loops and spread itself across the tarmac. He was lucky not to take out Harry Bailey in the final who was very surprised to come away with a second place medallion.

John Hallowell and Mark Ellins flew a new fastest heat time in Bendix with 3.21.81 but with a malfunctioning shut off in the final let the race slip back into the hands of Rob Fry and Alasdair Taylor . No doubt this will just make John hungrier than ever for a victory at the next battle of the "Bendixs"

Open combat had everyone on the edge of there seat (ready to duck for cover !) with some fast and furious action and the final bout between the Bush Chook combat team boys of Rob Fry and Richard Bellis was a full on battle. Ron Hoogenkamp had the newest gear from the US with light open frame models powered by Nelson and Fora 36's. Very fast, very manoeuvrable, very scary...

Vintage A Team Race is always a difficult one to win for the Local guys but the team of Norm Kirton and Charlie Stone showed there experience against the very fast and slick teams from Victoria. A credible second place in the final not far behind the Wilson / Ellins team showed their experience and consistency using a stock CS Ollie.

Classic B Team Race was won by the 'Flying Purple People Eater' for the 3rd year in a row. John Hallowell and Rob Fitzgerald were pushed all the way by the very quick racer of Hans Bertina and Ian Thompson and the super reliable Wilson / Ellins. Rob Fitzgerald made 2 first flick starts in a row to help make sure the F.P.P.E. crossed the line first.


Vintage Combat was the last event of the week and with 15 entries was guaranteed of some top action and we got it! Our Eastern states entries (4) had not flown this event before but you couldn't tell that, they took to it like ducks to water. Mark Ellins and Stuart Sherlock had 4 reflies until Mark won out and went on to win the event. Adrian Dyson and Mark Sherburn have definitely proven themselves to be very skilful combat pilots taking the 2nd and 3rd placings and are the ones to watch out for at any combat comp in the future.

Due to an unprecedented number of reflies the event ran late and in the fading light (pitch black) the fly off for 3rd & 4th was flown under the light spilling from the Hockey field next door. Just one of the special moments to remember and have a laugh about.

I'm sure when the Nationals are offered to WA again we will jump at the opportunity and welcome everyone to come to the other side of the island for some great competition and a relaxing holiday as well.

Remember time only exists on your wrist, life's not a practice run, so get out and enjoy it now.


F2C Team Race

Entrant                 Heat 1 Heat2 Heat 3 Final Placing

Fitzgerald / Ellins 3.25.65 - - 7.04.72 1st

Hoogenkamp / Leknys 3.36.81 DNF 79 3.55.70 7.39.65 2nd

Wilson / Walton 3.47.59 3.30.91 - DQ 145 3rd

Thompson / Bertina 3.54.50 3.46.34 3.54.12

Stivey / Morrow 3.57.15 4.05.88 -

Bellis / Gannon DNF 62 DQ 29 -


Combined Speed

Entrant           Class time time time speed kph % record Placing

Rob Fry Sport Jet 12.83 12.44 12.53 232.86 100.05 1st

David Axon Sport Jet 13.81 13.93 13.37 216.66 93.09 2nd

Alasdair Taylor Sport Jet 13.46 - - 215.21 92.47 3rd

Peter Van-Meurs Proto 21 30.56 - - - 78.89

Rob Fry Open Jet 10.75 10.59 - 271.95 97.45

Rob Fry IV 16.41 - - 176.52 80.42

David Axon Open Jet - - - -

Ron Hoogenkamp Open Jet - - - -

Grant Lucas IV - - - -


F2B Aerobatics

Entrant           (Best 2 rounds avg) Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Score Placing

Peter White 1987 2070 2090 2080.5 1st

Mark Ellins 1857 1946 2002 1974 2nd

Peter Smith 1804 1869 1918 1893.5 3rd

Stuart Sherlock 1243 1830 1840 1835

Phil Trueman 1578 1799 1783 1791

Richard Morrow 1422 1372 1556


Goodyear Team Race

Entrant                 Heat 1 Heat 2 Final Placing

Fitzgerald / Pretty 3.34.85 - 7.23.71 1st

Bailey / Sherburn 5.07.73 5.37.84 10.27.56 2nd

Fry / Taylor DNF 4.07.60 10.42.59 3rd

Wilson / Ellins DNF 407.92 DNF 4th

Hoogenkamp / C Lekneys 5.19.84 5.57.30

Letchford / Walton 5.42.71 DNF 31

Bellis / Gannon 6.31.31 DNF53

Stivey / Adler DNF 69 DNF

Hallowell / R Lecknys DNF DNF

Thompson / Bertina - -

Note 2 x 2 up finals flown due to strong winds.


Vintage Stunt

Entrant           Model pts Flying pts Total Placing

Peter White 96 / 96 188 / 185 565 1st

Phil Trueman 89 / 89 161 / 170 509 2nd

Fred Adler 94 / 92 104 / 126 416 3rd

Mal Bone 71 / 71 115 / 158 415

Dick Gibbs 96 / 96 49 / 88 329

Ivor F 81 / 80 23 / 23 207


Open Combat

Entrant                 Placing

Rob Fry W W W W 1st

Richard Bellis W W W L 2nd

Jim Stivey W L L 3rd

Ryan Leknys Bye W W/D

Ron Hoogenkamp L Bye L

Stuart Sherlock L L

Trevor Letchford L L


Bendix Team Race

Entrant                 Heat 1 Heat 2 Final Placing

Fry / Taylor 3.30.18 4.24.69 7.05.51 1st

Hallowell / Ellins 3.21.81 - 7.35.91 2nd

Wilson / Walton 3.52.85 3.50.53 9.37.39 3rd

Hoogenkamp / leknys 5.49.78 4.13.20

Thompson / Bertina 4.31.67 -

Stivey / Adler 5.04.44 4.37.23

Bellis Gannon 6.28.76 DNF 78


Vintage A Team Race

Entrant                 Heat 1 Heat 2 Final Placing

G Wilson / Ellins 3.39.00 - 7.36.69 1st

Kirton / Stone 3.55.31 3.42.38 7.43.50 2nd

Hallowell / Fitzgerald 3.32.54 - DQ 149 3rd

M Wilson / Van-Meurs 3.49.56 3.58.63

Stivey / Adler 3.56.09 3.51.22

Thompson / Bertina 3.55.22 4.44.53

Letchford / Walton 4.41.07 4.08.85

Pickin / R Leknys 4.56.66 4.21.94

Hoogenkamp / C Leknys 4.25.44 5.26.79

Fry / Taylor 4.28.94 DNF

Bellis / Gannon 5.10.06 4.56.00

Bailey / Dyson 5.03.88 DNF


Classic "B" Team Race

Entrant                 Heat 1 Heat 2 Final Placing

Hallowell / Fitzgerald 3.47.81 3.27.13 6.19.37 1st

Wilson / Ellins 3.15.66 - 6.33.47

Thompson / Bertina 3.56.84 3.23.81 7.17.80

Bailey / Dyson 3.31.59 3.54.96

Hoogenkamp / R leknys 4.00.97 3.48.72

Kirton / Stone 3.57.06 3.50.19

Fry / Taylor 4.59.65 DQ


Vintage Combat

Entrant                 Placing

Mark Ellins L W W W W 1st

Adrian Dyson W - W W L 2nd

Mark Sherburn W - W L W 3rd (fly off)

Stuart Sherlock W - W L L 4th (fly off)

Harry Bailey W - W L

Graeme Wilson W - W L

Fred Adler W - L

Trevor Letchford L W L

Jim Stivey W - L

Rob Fry L W L

Matt Pickin L W L

Murray Wilson - L L

Ron Hoogenkamp L L

Ryan Lecknys L L

Richard Bellis L L

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