Pictures and description of Grant Potter's race winning and unofficial record holding Dimpled Dumpling, a well known British design for Vintage A teamracing.

Grant's pictures as a clickable image  

1.  Pictures of the blue Vintage A teamracer described on this page reveal many details of the now famous Dimpled Dumpling raced by Grant Potter.  Grant is continually being asked about the model which, as far as he knows, currently has to its credit the fastest times in Australia and probably the fastest in the world for its class of racing.  The model was built by Ray Harvey and so far has survived two big crashes, one of which required the wing being replaced.


2.  A view of the same model, from the other side.  Here is its record of successes:

2006 Victoria state champs - 16.04.06 final time - 6:34.01
2005 NSW state championships - 01.10.05 heat time - 3:07.52
2008 KMFC competition - 16.11.08 Heat time 3:10.88 (new 15.92m length lines)




3.  Front view of the same model






4.  Top front view with engine and tank removed.  From this and the following picture a good idea can be gained of how cooling air is guided around the engine cylinder.






5.  Top rear view with engine and tank removed.









6.  Still the same model, this time with engine, fuel shutoff, and tank installed.







7.  Fuel shutoff, bolted to the rear of the engine mounting plate.







8.  Rothwell R250 engine, together with fuel shutoff, and tank.  The technology revealed by this set of photos could be transferred almost without change into a new Classic FAI racer.  A smaller fuel tank is all that would be required.


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