The control line aerobatic model aircraft favourites of past years are remembered through Vintage and Classic Stunt competitions in Australia.

The rules for Classic Stunt in Australia specify designs dated pre 1965. The pattern is based on the Australian stunt rules of the era, and contains no square manoeuvres but more of the round ones.  Designs dated pre 1960 also qualify for a class known as Vintage Stunt.


Most of these photos showing typical classic aerobatic models were taken at the 1998 National Championships by Richard Spurling.

1.  In pride of place for its appearance is Peter White's radial cowled Thunderbird, a replica of the model that designer Bob Palmer toured with in South Africa and England.  It's Veco 35 powered, as was Bob's original.  The upright engined, narrow cowled version of this plane (first kitted by Veco in 1955) was a popular choice in Australia during the late 1950s and early 60s.

2.  Frank Battam's Fox 35 powered version of George Aldrich's Nobler, a design that has probably won more aerobatics competitions over a longer time span than any other.

3.  One of many models to be based on Nobler proportions is Reg Towell's Fox 35 powered Chizler, winner of the Classic Stunt event at the 1998 Nationals.

4.  Louis Lomas' Roadrunner is powered by OS 40FP.

5.  Mark Batty's Coy Lady, one of the few non American classics, won the 2000 Nationals Expert F2B - not classic - event at Nowra, confounding the supporters of more recent designs.

6.  Keith Foley (known to his friends as "Skeeter") is the proud owner of this Mk.2 Thunderbird, obviously differing from earlier variants with an inverted engine and more wing area around the wing tips.  This version was kitted by Veco in 1959.

7.  This is Mark Tuddenham's Venus, OS 40FP powered.


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