Brian GardnerCredits page for this site which covers aerobatics, a colourful and popular competition for control line model aircraft in Australia.


Aerobatics Australia Style is published by David Kidd and Brian Gardner, assisted by numerous current and former aeromodellers.  Special thanks are due to Richard Spurling, Doug Harlow, Reg Towell, Brian Horrocks, John Lamont, John Hallowell, Charlie Stone, Peter White, Peter Roberts, Norm Kirton, Peter Smith, Fred Pearson and John Quigley who have all provided photos and/or information.

So far, it's 100% unofficial !

You may be pleased to know that no government grant money nor M.A.A.A. funds have been wasted producing this website; it has been paid for entirely by Brian Gardner and David Kidd's WWW Services in the hope that you will enjoy it!


Now, what did you want to know about Aerobatics?

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