Diagrams and descriptions of the modern FAI F2B control line model aircraft aerobatics or stunt pattern, as flown in Australia.

The Rules:

The FAI F2B rules for control line aerobatics specify a series of manoeuvers which must be flown in the specified order.  Each manoeuvre is judged out of 10 by judges sitting outside the flight circle, then multplied by a difficulty factor, expressed as k in the manoeuvre descriptions.  Rules for F2B Aerobatics (and other control line classes) are published in the FAI Sporting Code.

You can download an official copy of the FAI Sporting Code from the FAI website at http://www.fai.org/aeromodelling/documents/sc4
or an unofficial copy for 2007 from http://dkd.net/clstunt/sc4.f2.07.pdf

The Sporting Code contains the rules plus a judges' guide which aids in their interpretation.


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