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Andrew Linwood's Models. Recognised as a talented and exceptional builder at a young age, Andrew has made hundreds of models for himself and for his customers.

1.  Andrew started qeromodelling at age 12 and quickly learned to be a talented and exception builder admired and encouraged by many adult builders at the time. Andrew encouraged his friends to build models also and much ouf our time was spent after school and one weekends and holidays in Andrews workshop that his father built for him.

2.  Here we have typical example of one of Andrew's Goodyear racing models, this one was build for a customer.

3.  Cowra Oily Hand Day held in August every year has a theme model and a concourse judging which Andrew has won a couple of times with some of his fine examples of excellent craftmanship.

4.  This is another excellently finshed Goodyear racing model built for a customer. The models are made with the lightest contest balsa, then coated in fibre glass, then sanded smooth and panined in 2 pac polyurethane.

5.  Another Cocourse winning model built for the Cowra Oily Hand this is a Mercury Models Apex. A nice slow flying free flight model.

6. Andrew is probably best know for his combat models. Getting RTF models from overseas can be expensive so Andrew built a jig and started manufacturing Andurill MkII Vintage Combat Models and he sold hundreds of them to budding combat fliers around Australia.At one time everyone joked it wasnt Vintage Combat anymore, it's Andurill Combat now. These models pictured however are F2D models that Andrew built for his son Tom's campaign at the 2016 FAI World Campionships in Perth WA.


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