The aeromodelling biography in pictures of Brian Gardner, one of Australia's leading exponents of control line stunt and aerobatics.

1.  Brian first became involved in control line flying at the age of 9 when given a Cox .049 trainer for Christmas.  Following frustration with that he joined the Illawarra MAC, where he recieved great support from Peter Norrie and Darryl Nelson.  Brian proceeded to work his way steadily through a Veron Combateer, a Junior Nobler, and a Roadrunner, before restoring this old model called a Pinacle, given to him by Brian Holmes.

2.  The first model Brian built himself was this Top Flite Tutor, with the normal built up wing from the kit being substituted by a foam wing.  The motor used was a Max 35-S.  Brian flew this model at his first NSW state champs, aged 16.

3.  Reg Towell generously loaned Brian a red model to fly at the Wangaratta Nats at the end of 85.  The model was based on Reg's usual Caudron design, and styled like a Geiseke Nobler.  Brian flew it into 1st place in Junior F2B.  That's Brian in centre front of the photo, surrounded by the other Nats aerobatics winners: top row: Reg Towell, Brian Eather, Paul Turner; bottom row: Doug Grinham, Brian and Frank Battam.

4.  At the age of 18 Brian built this model based on Reg's Blue Caudron and powered by ST46.  With this model Brian won Junior aerobatics at the Richmond Nats held at the end of 1987, and placed 9th in senior aerobatics at the 88 Amberley Nats.  In 1989 Brian built a similar model which he flew into 2nd place in the 1991 Trans Tasman, but after that he took a break from modelling of several years.

5.  This picture shows the aerobatics winners of the 1997 Victorian State champs, hosted by the Knox MAC.  Left Doug Grinham 1st St60, Center Peter White 2nd, ST46, Right Brian Gardner 3rd, Jett/GMA 50 powered Stormfront.  Stormfront was built and finished in 95, initially powered by an MVVS 40 on pipe, which was later retrofitted with PA51, an OS46VF AAC , and finally the Jett/GMA 50, all on pipe.  Earlier the same year, Brian flew this model into 2nd place at the Canberra Control Line Champs.  Stormfront folded up in flight just before the 97 NSW State champs.

6.  Obsession was Brian's next model, based on Stormfront, and having more taper in the wing and flaps.  Jett 50 powered again.  Brian managed 2nd at the Macquarie Valley champs that year (1997), but had a better year in 1998 with this model, placing 2nd at the Wakerie Nats, and 3rd at the NSW state champs held at Raymond Terrace.  Brian is pictured here with Obsession at the Wakerie Nats, together with his friend, Murray Howell.  The model came to an unfortunate end in practice at the 1999 Nowra Nats.

7.  Going to a proven design for the first time in over 11 years, Brian built an Intrepid XL in late 98, again powered by a Jett/GMA 50.  He placed 4th at the 98 Towoomba Nats, then installed a Jett/GMA 60 to promote the motor.  Following this came a 1st at the 99 NSW State Champs and 4th at the 1999 Nowra Nats.

8. Here are the placegetters at the 99 NSW State Champs held at Narromine: Left Reg Towell 3rd Caudron ST46, Center Brian Gardner 1st Intrepid XL, Right Brian Eather 2nd Firecracker.



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