Although some people might like to eat, sleep, and drink their hobbies, most control line modellers have other interests too.

1.  Experimenting with other forms of model aircraft is an obvious choice.  This free flight Cardinal I built from a Veron kit flew too well for its own good... when last seen it was entering the base of a big cumulus cloud and being blown rapidly in the direction of Albury.

2.  Slope soaring with a radio controlled glider brought many hours of enjoyment, and would have brought more except for an annoying tendency for batteries to go flat.

3.  From model flying to full size flying is a natural progression.  I took the opportunity to learn full size soaring whilst living in the Victorian country town of Ararat, which had a soaring club operating at the local airport.  I was eventually able to stay airborne for over 5 hours and fly nonstop over 300km across country, something I can recommend to any aeromodeller who has the chance.

4.  Sailing and racing a Mirror dinghy on Lake Fyans was more economical than soaring, and provided a wetter kind of fun.  Yachting clubs have developed a clever handicapping system which allows boats of many different kinds to race fairly against each other... making it possible for me to win the Stawell Yacht Club pennant race series in 1984.

5.  Camping now provides me the opportunity to get away from the rat race of the cities and relax.

6.  Racing gokarts was something I enjoyed for a couple of years with the Oakleigh club in Melbourne.  Knowledge of tuning two-stroke engines gained during my control line years helped me to a winning year in 1991.

7.  White-water rafting down the Ayung River was one of many thrills I experienced whilst backpacking across south east Asia from Bangkok to Darwin.  Not to be missed !

8.  Camping on Fraser Island beaches and exploring the Great Sandy Strait in my little trailer sailer became possible when I got involved in yachting again in 2001.  At the end of 2004 I bought my first keelboat, offering the chance to cruise the oceans of the world.

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