A gallery of pictures depicting control line models and related paraphenalia, sent in by readers of Australian Control Line Nostalgia.

1.  From Norm Sutcliffe again comes this picture of Len Quinn's scale model of the Lockheed Super Constellation at the 1956 Traralgon Nationals.  The model used 4 engines of 5cc each for power.  Len brought the model all the way from Tasmania for the competition, but unfortunately damaged the front of the plane extensively in a flight that went wrong.


2.  These three B Class racers all numbered 5 were the ones Cabramatta's Ron Jones' took to the Traralgon Nats.  Another one of his planes won the C class teamrace.


3.  John French from Queensland, with his teamracers of all sizes is shown in this photo from Rob Edgerton.  John is flanked by Warren Williams (left ) and John Illidge (right).  The Oliver Tiger powered "Tigress" at the front came second in the Queensland champs of 1960, with Rob at the handle.


4.  Rob Edgerton's fleet of 1958 includes a Hearn's Hobbies Demon at front, powered by Sabre .35.  On the left is the KeilKraft Phantom on which Rob learnt to fly.  The Phantom and the Veron Bee-Bug on the right shared a Taifun Hobby 1cc diesel.  The Bee Bug was originally a sidewinder, but was rebuilt with a simplified box fuselage for upright motor.  Rob thinks the unfinished Cadet in the foreground was his brother's or Dad's.

5.  Another one of Rob's pictures shows Max Newnham's immaculate Viscount scale model being readied for flight.at the 1957 Queensland State titles at Marchant Park, Brisbane.  Max won a number of State and National titles with his scale models.  The man laying down the law in the right of this picture is Herb Dotti, MAAQ Contest Director at the time.


6.  This colourful lineup was photograhed by Fred Pearson of Coff's Harbour early in August 2008.  In front are Steve Todd's and Dave Murrell's Blue Pants models, both with ED Racers.  In the upper rear is Fred's Stilletto.  The three models in the middle are all Dave Murrell's: a Sammy Mason Bipe (OK Super 60 Sparky), Demon (Sabre29), and Flap Jack (OS 35S).

7.  Is this Australia's first Clasic FAI teamracer?  Trevor Letchford and Steve Walton in West Australia are ready to campaign this racer called 'Timepiece', just as soon as others are ready to race.  The model was built by Steve back in 1980 for the Albany nationals, and was originally powered by a Nelson, now replaced with a Supertiger G20.

8.  Does anybody recognize this old racer?  Peter Chilton of Baulkham Hills was given this model in 1976 without him ever knowing what it was.  It is 36" span, 20" long, and expert opinion suggests it was once fitted with an ETA 15.  Peter likes the plane so much that he wants to build a replica of it to fly as a Classic FAI teamracer.

9.  This nice piece of work is Andrew Nugent's Picus, believed to be Melbourne's first Classic FAI teamracer.  Pictured here on the day of its first test flights on 8th February 2009, and powered by an Oliver Tiger, the model seems likely to cope easily with operating over grass, judging by the size of its single wheel.   Andrew is very pleased with the way it flies.