A brief tribute to Reg Towell, a leading light in NSW control line aerobatics circles for more than forty years.


1.  Reg at the age of twenty something holding his A2 glider at the Camden Nationals of 1962.  Freeflight has always had a strong following in the Doonside club, the club Reg has been with during all of his aeromodelling career.


2.  Perhaps Reg's favourite plane is this pretty blue Caudron, an own design modelled along the lines of the famous Caudron racer.  With this plane Reg placed second at several Australian Nationals between 1979 and 1986, and won the aerobatics section of a Trans Tasman Challenge.  A SuperTigre 46 supplies the power.


3.  Another Caudron styled own design by Reg is this yellow one he named Gotcha, flown into first place for his second Australian Nationals aerobatics win at Wagga Wagga in 1993/94.  Also powered by a SuperTigre 46.


At his home in Sydney Reg still keeps most of the aerobatic models pictured on this page, plus many others.  They are big models too, so finding somewhere safe to keep them is becoming a bit of a problem.  Anyone visiting is left in no doubt that they are in the home of aviation enthusiasts!


4.  A Thunderbird was the design Reg flew to his first ever placing in aerobatics at a Nationals, and he still has a couple of them for flying in Classic stunt.  The plane pictured here is a replica of the original one Thunderbird designer Bob Palmer toured with in South Africa and Britain during the nineteen fifties.  Reg won Classic stunt at the Ballarat Nationals of 1995/96 with his Fox 35 powered replica.


5.  Here's Reg with another of his colourful Caudrons, pictured at the World Championships of 2000.  Reg ended up the highest placed Australian in the final results.  SuperTigre 46 powered.


6.  Pride of Reg's fleet in year 2003 is this big semi-scale Sea Fury, powered by a four-stroke Saito 56.


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