This page explains how you can order any of the listed plans for control line model aircraft from Terry McDonald.

All teamracer plans are priced at £3:50 (includes postage within U.K.) unless stated otherwise on the complete list below.  For foreign postage to Europe add 50 pence, to rest of world add 1 pound per plan.  Terry accepts pounds, US $ and euros or any major currency notes but please allow 10% extra for foreign exchange losses if paying in anything other than pounds.  Send your remittance by mail accompanied by your name, address, and plans you want to Terry McDonald, 2 Fordwells Close, Littleover, Derby DE23 3SU, England.  For enquiries or special requests please email Terry at .

Complete list of Terry McDonald's teamracer plans:

Espadon - French racer - kit plan
Past - Australian designed Nats winner and record holder by Alan Shing
Ken Long's FAI racer from Model Aircraft (aka Tigress VI)
Mamba - 1960 design published in Practical Mechanics
Orion, Czech racer from 1964, enlarged from plan in Aeromodeller
Tigress Mk VI Ken Long's original drawing for the one mentioned above
Mac Grimmet's FAI racer, drawn by Dave Finch from the original model.
Tempo - Amercian design for Oliver Tiger

The A Bus– J Johnson’s RAFMAA racer from the fifties.
Arau—Portuguese racer for Webra Mach I supplied by Julio Isidro
Battler*—1950 racer for Elfin 2.49 etc by Ron Moulton.
Cannonball—A Scottish design which did well at the Nationals in 1955
   — upright engine.
Competitor— Australian design from 1951, kit by Hearn’s Hobbies.
Dimpled Dumpling— drawn by Dave Finch from Mac Grimmet’s original 
   1956 model.
Fingerprint— the Foresters club 1956 Nats winner obtained from 
   Australia, FAI size wing for better handling.
Fury— Australian Aeroflyte kit design.
Hearn’s Swift— Australian kit model originally for the Taipan motor, 
   this mid wing model is vintage legal.
Mercury Mac—plan for the kit model, an excellent robust model.
Mercury Mark II— plan for early kit racer— very light, perhaps better 
   for 1/2 A.
Ranger— 1951 Keil Kraft kit very built up structure.
Skyleada Hornet— early kit for the ED Racer, built up wing.
Shorty—weird looking Aussie Nationals winner from 1957
Tornado— an Italian Olimpic kit design originally for ST G30, from 1957
Tarantula—John Horton’s Wharfedale design.
Tiger Terror—Jim Muir’s 1956 Nationals model drawn by Sam Alexander.
Voodoo I—Gordon Yeldham’s early design redrawn by Dave Smith.
Voodoo V—The Contest Kits 1957 kit design drawn from an original 
   kit ( no plan was provided in the kit).

NOTE: all designs marked with an asterisk * are eligible for the VTR 
   2000 type events.
Accelerator - Aussie design from 1957.
Auggie—US design from early period by Dave Shipton.
Able Mable*— M.A.N magazine plan enlarged for this McCoy powered 
Bartlett Bullett - US design, very smart spatted U/C, shoulder wing 
Blue Star - pretty Italian design flown successfully by Dennis Ward 
   amongst others. Enlarged magazine plan.
Challenger— early design by L Schulman, upright motor, originally 
   for the ED 3.46.
Chatterbox* - Second T/R design to be published, April 1949 Model 
   Airplane News, upright engine, butterfly tail. Two sheet 
   plan so £5
Chowhound - US designed as flown by Terry Taylor, enlarged 
   magazine plan.
Double Dice—Charlie Taylor’s famous design.
Firebrand— Australian model from 1954
Firecracker— US design based on the Keith Rider Thompson Trophy racer.
Firecracker— 1950 B racer from Australian Model Hobbies
Firecracker 2—Later version of the Firecracker also from magazine 
Good News— Monarch kit plan, handsome but rather large model with 
   spatted undercarriage. Also available as Sam 
   Alexander’s redraw.
Jack of Diamonds— Ken Muscutt’s Nationals design again a two 
   sheet plan so £5.
Jezebel— US plan by Hank Bourgeois, swept wing racer with a jet 
   plane look.
Kestrel— Sam’s redraw of the Model Aircraft plan.
The Key * - Keith Storey’s 1948 design the first T/R design to be 
   published in March 1949 Air Trails. Upright engine, 
   sheet wing—flies well.
Lapmaster— Australian plan
Lil’ Lulu*— Norman Butcher’s long lost design from 1950, Law’s kit 
Marauder— Nationals winner by the Martin Brotherrs
Mercury Mark I*— Mercury kit plan for Frog 500 etc.
Mew Gull* - near scale model designed by Cal Smith.
Nemesis*— Handsome 1950 Italian design, upright motor.
Ole Slippery*— another Cal Smith design from the US a nice looking 
Pacer—handsome but frail Keil Kraft kit plan.
The Quest— another design from Keith Storey one of the FAST Club 
   founders of Team Racing.
Racer—by Dave Shipton USA—early but pretty design.
Racer*– by Rudy Panko USA— early and lovely looking.
Rambler— George Moir’s 1954 US Nationals winner for Fox 29 power.
55 Rambler— The following year’s winner—very small and lively model.
Scrambler—Elliptical winged beauty, enlarged from US mag plan.
Scout* - KK kit plan, biplane
Shadrach*— Hank Bourgeois’ 1950 design for inverted McCoy 29.
Starbomb—Aussie kit plan for B racer originally in a magazine
The Sheik— US magazine plan enlarged.
Thunderbird —original Sid McGoun design for Mercury kit ,
White XI and XIII— Don Walker’s Nationals winning designs.
Wrangler— Peter Chinn’s drawing of Pete Wright’s successful St 
   Albans Club racer, originally published in M.A.N.

All these designs are eligible for Classic Team Race events run to the 
   Bilston Club’s Rules.
Crescendo— Aussie design by Ken Taylor for OS 29 III (1961)
Galaxie— Advanced Australian design for Brodak 25 drawn by David Kidd
Hearn’s Swift— later low wing version of the Vintage A design, from 
   Australian kit manufacturer.
Joker— Aussie design by Dave Kidd for ETA 29
Ken Long’s FAI Racer— Tigress III, I believe, free plan originally in 
   Model Aircraft. Very sleek, monowheel.
Long Gone— Ed Heiser’s US Racer from 1962 MAN
Pronto—Adrian Bellamy’s Aussie B racer.
Rocket— John Hallowell’s Australian design for front induction engines, 
  created specially for Classic B teamracing.
Tempo— US design for the Oliver Tiger.

Mirage—diminutive Frog kit plan for 1/2cc
Hornet—Frog kit plan
Mercury 1/2 A - kit plan, designed by Henry J Nicholls.
Zephir—1951 biplane by Aeropiccola of Italy—short on wing area.

Terry also has many Vintage and Classic Stunt, Speed and Scale 
   C/L plans.


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