A gallery of pictures depicting control line models and related paraphenalia, sent in by readers of Australian Control Line Nostalgia.



1.  Warren Leadbeatter's photo of his RamRod, at the 2010 Veterans Gathering held at Muswellbrook, NSW.





2.  The remaining pictures on this page were sent in by Andrew Nugent, illustrating the CLAMF club's September Classic FAI teamrace competition.  In the picture at left, Andrew did not mention what it was that he was brewing for afternoon tea.




3.  Andrew's Picus, pictured earlier in these pages, still looks as smart as ever.  For this competition he allowed Lance Smith and Murray Wilson operate the model.


4.  Here's Lance, starting the latest model Fora Pioneer/Jr that is currently in this model for trial.  The new Fora is evidently a well-performing and cheap engine, but seems destined to cause yet another rules controversy, having yet to be approved as an eligible Classic FAI engine by any other than Andrew's friends in the CLAMF club.


5.  Andrew's red and white Shapovalov/Onufrienko hauls off here after a pitstop by Mark Ellins.  The gumboots Mark is wearing must have something to do with Melbourne's rainy weather!




6.  Heats were limited to 2 competitors in each, partly because of the windy weather, and partly because there were too few entrants to need more.  The strategy must have been successful, as very little model damage was reported for the whole day.  In this picture Andrew Nugent and Murray Wilson are at the handles in centre circle.  Like his pitman Mark, Andrew is evidently a strong believer in gumboots!




7.  After several heats had been flown, but no final, I'm not sure how the winners were decided.   Andrew declared the Fora the winner (after all, it did achieve the fastest heat time), but perhaps it does not matter who won because they all seem to have achieved their goal of having fun!


More race details may be found on Lance Smith's Website.

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