A gallery of pictures depicting control line models and related paraphenalia, sent in by readers of Australian Control Line Nostalgia.



1.  Trevor Larson from the Brisbane Ipswich club is seen here with his attractive Yak stunter, which he put through its paces throughout the Saturday afternoon of the 2010 Maryborough Gathering. Photo from Howard Gostelow.





2&3.  From Western Australia come these next two photos of Charlie Stone's new stunter, named Sleep Walker.  Charlie reports that it turns well and the landings so far have been very good.  In common with many of we older modellers Charlie's health has been troubling him this year, so it's good to see he can still get out and fly his models occasionally.





4.  Jim Stivey in Gyula, Hungary for the 2010 World Championships has sent this photo of Mark Ellins having just released his F2c racer after a pitstop.  Mark with Rob Fitzgerald piloting have won the Championships this year, completing a 10km heat in 3minutes 4 seconds along the way. With Australia's Grant Potter and Hugh Simons winning the previous World Champs it is evident Australia has developed quite a depth of talent in this field.



5.  Claudia Kehnen from Germany sent this picture of Mark Ellins and Rob Fitzgerald on the dias at Gyula, Hungary, in July of 2010, with their prize for winning F2C at the World Championships. The pair survived a torrid time in the semi-finals, suffering a disqualification at their first attempt.  In a mamoth photographic exercise, Claudia Kehnen spent days at the World Championsips, photographing hundreds of pictures that she posts on the web for our enjoyment, here.



6.  Also from Claudia Kehnen comes this picture of Australia's Tom Linwood doing battle in Junior Combat at the Gyula World Champs, an event in which he finally placed third.  This was Tom's second experience of a World Champs, having competed in the same event at Landres, France in 2008.

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