A gallery of pictures depicting control line models and related paraphenalia, sent in by readers of Australian Control Line Nostalgia.

1.  New in March 2009 is this Tigress for Classic FAI teamracing, powered by an R250 and finished in his favourite football club colours by John Hallowell.   John writes: "I have been supporting the Richmond Tigers long before I was flying model aircraft. It is a Tigress, so it's flying the Tigers colours. My pitman Neil is also a Tigers fan."


2.  Alwyn Smith found this and the following photo whilst browsing some old Model News magazines recently.  Scanning them without reproducing the dot pattern commonly used for printing old black and white photos posed quite a challenge... but Alwyn reckoned it was worth a try, and this is the result.  The picture shows three members of the Sandringham club at a competition day held at Albert Park sometime in September 1960.  From the left is Jon Wilcox, David Kidd, and Robin Mutimer, holding an experimental teamracer in which many things were adjustable.

3.  Athol Holtham's black Thunderbird was nearly two years old when this picture was taken.  Athol had recently repainted his formerly pink and white model, and done it well enough to win the shield for the most perfectly finished model at the 1960 Victorian State Champs.  Athol's plane is accompanied here by David Kidd's reduced size T'bird.

4.  Norm Kirton of West Australia will be visiting Singapore at the end of May, where he hopes to fly against this Dimpled Dumpling in an unofficial race at the 2009 Singapore Natiionals.  Norm has visited Singapore aeromodellers before, and is enthusiastically trying to get Vintage A established there.  This Dumpling that Norm refers to as "No 1" was originally built for Richard Ong, to help get racing started in Singapore.

5.  A close-up view of "No 1".  For this year's race Norm intends using his 1956 Original Oliver Tiger in Dumpling "No 2", but "No 1" is powered by an R250.  To help get racing started Norm will also be taking over two more R250's plus plates, shutoffs and spares to be distributed to those who need them.


6.  Norm constructed cardboard boxes like this for transporting his models and equipment.  Dumpling "No 2" shown in this box actually performed better in Singapore than Dumpling "No 1", much to Norm's delight. 



7.  This Catalina was one of the scale models Norm Sutcliffe photographed at the 1956/57 Traralgon Nationals.



8.  This Lancaster was another one of the scale models Norm Sutcliffe photographed at the 1956/57 Traralgon Nationals.



9.  Bankstown Model Flying Club (N.S.W.) members, pictured in 1959 at their Playford Park, Padstow flying ground.  This photo was sent in by Les Robinson, who admits to flying radio for the past 30 years.  It might have been winter when this photo was taken, judging from the number of beanies being worn!