A gallery of pictures depicting control line models and related paraphenalia, sent in by readers of Australian Control Line Nostalgia.



1.  Another view of Bankstown Model Flying Club members, pictured in 1959 at their Playford Park, Padstow flying ground.  This and the next 4 pictures are courtesy of Les Robinson.





2.  Here's a picture of Les at the age of 16 in 1959, together with his dad.  Dad was the model builder, and accompanied Les to lots of competitions, where he never flew but acted as mechanic.  The pair never won any trophies, but enjoyed their participation in the sport.




3.  Peter Hughes with his Nobler style aerobatics model at the Bankstown MFC flying ground in 1959.





4.  At a competition held annually by Eastern Districts Model Flying Club at Centennial Park, this picture was taken in 1960 showing a Strathmoor stunter built & flown by the very skilfull Ken Lloyd.  The Eastern Districts Model Flying Club folded many years ago.


5.  "Jesus Saves" proclaims the message on the wings of this twin engined model seen at Centennial Park in 1960, evidently influenced by American evangelist Billy Graham.  The model was built and flown by Neil Wymark, and was capable of flying most of the aerobatic pattern, which amazed everyone.


6.  This and the next picture were taken by Norm Kirton whilst on his May 2009 trip to the Singapore Nationals.  Seen here is the winning model in the junior division of F2C held by Jin Heng, the pitman of the of Jie Wei and Jin Heng team.  Jin Heng also pitted Norm's Dimpled Dumpling No. 2 in the Vintage A heat they won.



7.  David Su with the Sosnovsky in a Zurobalev model.  The model was from the 2008 World Champs.  Richard Ong actually bought the model (as he seems to do for most of the junior teams). Total kit was collected there, tested there and the juniors used it there.  It was brought back to Singapore as it is, nothing removed, engine and tank all included.  David and Richard Ong flew this model in the F2C finals, after they cracked the wing of their other model.


8.  Here's Norm Kirton at Singapore, flying his Dimpled Dumpling No. 2 that was finished just in time for Norm to take with him to the Singapore Nationals.  At the inaugural Vintage "A" race in Singapore Norm won one of the heats, but suffered from an undercompressed engine tune in the final.