A gallery of pictures depicting control line models and related paraphenalia, sent in by readers of Australian Control Line Nostalgia.

1.  Named Yellowish for obvious reasons, this new Classic FAI teamracer became the first such racer in Queensland when completed during June 2009 by David Kidd.  That's right, your website creator has built another model!



2.  Built to operate off grass as racers were in Australia until well into the nineteen seventies, the model is powered by a Fora Junior and equipped with a Rothwell fuel shuoff.  The shutoff is mounted vertically alongside the fuel tank so that the tank can be situated as far forward as possible, almost touching the engine backplate.  


3.  Here I am pictured in February 2009, a mere shadow of my former self.  This was shortly after construction of Yellowish had begun.  The disease that is trying to kill me is still weaving its wicked work, but now in June 2009 I am actually a bit better in some respects than when the photo was taken.

Several years ago I wrote to someone that Classic FAI would be the only class that might ever tempt me to build another model.  When promotion of the class began in earnest late last year, it did indeed provide the enthusiasm needed to get me started.


4.  An upside down view showing the cooling air outlets built into Yellowish.  The one on the inboard fuselage side near the wing trailing edge is intended to exhaust air drawn in to cool the crankcase through a larger than usual gap around the prop driver.  The fillet splitting the main air outlet behind the engine cylinder was provided to quieten anyone inclined to describe my design as "pod and boom"... about which some rubbish was written during attempts to develop rules for the Classic FAI class around the beginning of this year.



5.  Rodger Adams seen here with his Bob Palmer designed Mars aerobatic model is one of those featured in a group of photos sent in by Rob Edgerton.  These photos show members of the Brisbane Thunderbirds club from the 1996 to 2001 era.  Rob believes that Rodger's Mars still survives in year 2009.


6.  Vasiliy Kromin was a member of Thunderbirds around 1995 - 1998.  He is pictured here with the Antonov scale model he flew into second place at the 1996 World Champs for control line, held in France.  Apparently Vasiliy's son damaged the starboard wing of the Antonov just prior to the World Champs, but like a true champion Vasiliy got the necessary repairs done without damaging his son!  Vasiliy then went on to win the Queensland State Champs in September with the same model.

7.  Group photo of the Thunderbirds.  From the left are Ron Morrison, then Wayne Jackson, Ron Chernich (face hidden), John Raymond, Shaun Edgerton, Vasiliy Kromin, Ross Duncan, Colin Cater, Vasiliy's son, an unknown person (in background behind arm), Frank Sutherland, Rodger Adams, Mark Luchterhand, Ray Bucholz, and Van Richards-Smith.  You can see an enlarged view of this picture here.