A gallery of pictures depicting control line models and related paraphenalia, sent in by readers of Australian Control Line Nostalgia.



1.  Participants in the slow combat at the 2001 Queensland State Champs.  From left to right are Jeff Poulsen, Jeremy Pollard, Mick Comiskey.






2.  Monty Tyrrell's Chief, photographed at the 1951/52 Nationals held at Camden and sent in by Dick Lee.  Dick's time is taken up these days with remote farming interests, but it's nice to know he has found our website.  



3.  Here's another of Dick Lee's pictures from the Camden Nats.  With passage of time Dick has forgotten details of the models and people he photographed, but hopes that someone might recognize them and write to tell us all about them.  Please use our contact page to do so if you can.




4.  Another of Dick Lee's Camden photos, subject unknown.







5.  Another of Dick Lee's Camden photos, subject unknown.






6.  From Hervey Bay on Queensland's Sunshine Coast comes this picture of John Jacobsen holding a radial cowled stunter he built and flew in 2008.  Like most of John's models this is one of his own designs.  John is so happy with the way it flew that he is now building another to replace the one pictured, which came to a sudden end without seeing in the New Year.  John feels like he is having to learn to fly all over again after a break from modelling lasting many years.



7.  An upside-down view of the front of John's plane pictured above.  The engine is an O.S. LA .46 fitted with a muffler John made himself.