A gallery of pictures depicting control line models and related paraphenalia, sent in by readers of Australian Control Line Nostalgia.


1.  Front view of John Jacobsen's stunter described on the previous page.  The model has only one weakness according to John: the pushrod he made from threaded rod was found to flex too much when sudden control was applied, resulting in mushy corners.  The problem has been corrected in subsequent models by fitting a carbon fibre tube over the pushrod.



2.  Grandpa's little helper!  John's grandson Hayden is pictured here with another of John's own designed stunters.  This is the model John has been flying at the Maryborough club flying ground in 2009.  Members of the club are nearly all interested in radio control, so often there is nobody to help John on the control line circle when he goes to fly.  To overcome that problem John uses a model release stooge, enabling him to launch the model unassisted after he has started up and walked out to his control handle.



3.  John's Oliver Tiger powered FAI teamracer was built in 1964, intended for the Nationals.  John never got to the Nationals though, as the government called him up for its army and sent him to Vietnam.



4.  John's red speed model pictured here was powered by an O.S. Max3 .15, which gives some idea of its vintage.  To get his speed models airbourne John remembers having to cut the grass extremely short.



5.  This is John's class 2 speed model, powered by O.S. 29 X.  In the days when speed models were operated over grass it was common to see models jump out of their dolly before going fast enough to fly, clip the ground to remove propeller blades, then sit smoking and screaming until an owner arrived to save it.






6.  Here is a much younger looking John at the Camden Nationals of 1962/63.  The model that looks like a class 2 teamracer is actually John's Proto speed entry (another of his own designs), which gave a good account of itself by placing second.  This photo by Rob Edgerton.





7.  All the way from Illinois USA comes this photo by John Cralley, who posted it in our Australian Control Line Forum. The model is a Baby Ringmaster, (available as a kit for $35 in the USA), modified by John for electric power. The model had not yet flown when this picture was taken, but John expects it to perform well on 35 foot lines.

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