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Vintage and Classic Stunters

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Madman   Madman 5 - Yates' Madman - a 48" span stunter from the USA in 1947/48, originally for .60 spark ignition engines, but easily powered by a .25 today.  Wing has dihedral.
Pictured: Ken Taylor's Yates' Madman in 2001.
  Terry McDonald
Larakin   Larakin - design by famous Australian Brian Horrocks, British Gold Trophy winner for 1959 and 1961 with Glo Chief .49 power.  67-1/2" span.
Pictured: Brian Horrocks with his big Larakin in 1961
  Terry McDonald
Nobler   Nobler - Design by George Aldrich in about 1950 and first published in a Model Airplane News of 1952.  50" span for .35 engines.  Nats winner in USA, Australia, and just about everywhere.  3 different plans available.
Pictured: Frank Battam's Fox 35 powered replica
  Terry McDonald
1959 Ares   Ares - Attractive design by Bill Werwage featured in a 1959 American Modeler.  50" span for .35 engines.  3 different plans available.
Pictured: Bill Werwage in the 1959 American Modeler
  Terry McDonald
Comanche   Comanche - This design by Australian Tom Prosser came second at the 1959 Nationals.   47" span for .35 engines.
Pictured: Doug Harlow's 1961 Nats winning Comanche
Thunderbird Mk1   Thunderbird Mk1 - This design by Bob Palmer appeared in 1955 and and became very popular in Australia, winning several Nationals.   54" span for .35 engines.
Pictured: Illustration from Pelaero website
Thunderbird Mk2   Thunderbird Mk2 - Bob Palmer's 1959 US Nats winning successor to the Mk1.   54" span for .35 engines.
Pictured: Illustration from Pelaero website
Stuka   Stuka - Don Still's fully flapped USA Nats winning plane copied from the original Hobby Helpers plan dated 1952.   47" span for weak .35 engines.
Pictured: Stuka built by Antonis Zervas of Belgium
  Stuka Stunt Works
Coy Lady   Coy Lady - 1959 English design by Ray Brown, good enough to win the Australian Nats in 1999.   54" span for .35 engines.
Pictured: Gary Odgers example of the Coy Lady
  Stuka Stunt Works
Kismet   Kismet - A late 1950's design by Australian Ken Taylor.   Plan shows all three cockpit variants for Mk I (1957) to Mk 3 (1959).  59-1/4" span for .35 - .45 engines.
Pictured: Ken Taylor's 1999 replica of an earlier Kismet.
  Stuka Stunt Works
Shark 45   Shark 45 - Lew McFarland's fully flapped, tricycle undercarriage, competition stunter, winner of 1961 USA Nats.   58" span for .45-.53 size engines.  3 different plans available.
Pictured: Ken Taylor with his Shark at the 1963 Aussie Nats
  Stuka Stunt Works
Spacehound   Spacehound -Juri Sirotkin's fully flapped competition stunter, published in a 1963 Aeromodeller and world champion in 1964.   55" span for .35 - .40 size engines.
Pictured: Juri Sirotkin's original Spacehound
  My Hobby Store
Pow Wow   Pow Wow - Before the Thunderbird rose to prominence, Bob Palmer's Pow Wow was a popular stunter in Australia.   53" span for .29 -.35 engines.
Pictured: Norm Sutcliffe's 1956 modified Pow Wow

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