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Plans for Australian kit models

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Ramrod   Ramrod - A 1955 stunter designed by Ian Hooper and kitted by Montgomery Models.   48" span for .29 engines.
Pictured: Tony Farnan with his winning Ramrod
Demon   Demon - An early 1950's kit manufactured by Hearn's Hobbies and produced for several years.   41" span for weak .29 engines (originally Frog 500 or Sabre 29).
Pictured: David Owen's Demon, Sabre .29 powered
Thunderstreak   Thunderstreak - A late 1950's design kitted by Aero-Flyte.   54" span for .29 - .35 engines.
Pictured: John Hallowell with his Thunderstreak
  Stuka Stunt Works
Flapjack   Flapjack - A Hearn's Hobbies kit dating back to 1952, makes this perhaps the first fully flapped stunter available from Australia.   38" span for weak .29 engines.
Pictured: Nice Flapjack photographed by Alwyn Smith
Stiletto   Stiletto - A Montgomery Models kit of the late 1950's, unflapped companion for the larger Ramrod.  34" span for .15 sized engines.
Pictured: John Raymond's Stiletto powered by Taipan .15
  Terry McDonald
Thunderbug   Thunderbug - An Aristocrat kit of 1958, designed by Bill Evans.  54" span for .35 sized engines.
Pictured: Alwyn Smith's photo of his Thunderbug
  Terry McDonald
All Australian   All Australian Mk2 - A Hearn's Hobbies kit dating from 1955, the Mk2 is an unflapped larger version of the original All Australian designed by Keith Hearn around 1951.  53" span for .35 - .49 sized engines.
Pictured: Robin Mutimer with his All Australian Mk2
  Terry McDonald
Starbomb   Starbomb - A first generation class 2 (B) teamracer dating from 1950 and kitted by Bill Evan's Model Aircraft Industries, in Adelaide, South Australia.  A smooth flyer for .29 sized engines.
Pictured: David Owen with his upright engined Starbomb
  Terry McDonald
Ambassador   Ambassador - Alan Hewitt's British Gold Trophy winner for 1951, kitted briefly by Central Aircraft at their riverside premises in Melbourne.  36" span for .15 sized engines.
Pictured: Australian Ambassador powered by Oliver Tiger
Typhoon   F86 Typhoon - A 1961 Aero-Flyte kit that became a popular sports model.  33" span for light .15 sized engines.
Pictured: F86 Typhoon built by Ian Smith for an R150 diesel.
Frisky   Frisky - A Hearn's Hobbies kit dating from around 1957, the Frisky is similar in appearance to the larger 38" span Gladiator for .29 engines.  32" span for .15 sized engines.
Pictured: Nice Frisky by Peter Roberts of Melbourne
  Terry McDonald
Frisky   Starfire - An Aristocrat kit from Adelaide, the Starfire was similar in appearance to the larger 44" span Stuntstar for .19 - .29 engines.  32" span for .15 sized engines.
Pictured: Alwyn Smith's attractive Starfire
  Terry McDonald
Centaur   Centaur - A 1956 Ken Taylor design kitted by Central Aircraft of Melbourne, the Centaur became a popular stunter during the second half of the nineteen fifties.  It came with an optional tricycle undercarriage often favoured by those seeking smooth landings.  50" span for .29 - .35 sized engines.
Pictured: Geoff Causey with his 1957 Centaur.
  Terry McDonald
Sabre Trainer   Sabre Trainer - A famous basic trainer produced by Hearn's Hobbies, dating from around 1956 when Gordon Burford's engines carried the name Sabre.  20" span for .15 sized engines.
Pictured: Ray Fairall's Sabre Trainer with Taipan 2.5 diesel
  Terry McDonald

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